Introducing Keeps — the easiest way for men to keep their hair.

We’re beyond excited to launch Keeps, the easiest way for men to keep their hair.

I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that no one wants to lose their hair. I know this personally because about two years ago, at 27, I began to experience hair loss. I always knew the day would come (thanks Dad!), but was surprised it happened so young. Even worse, I thought there was nothing I could do that would actually work, and Googling didn’t help the situation (as with most medical related searches, I walked away more confused than I started and thought I maybe had a rare disease…). So, I waited and did nothing — except for hoping it would stop and go away on its own. Of course, it didn’t.

I’ll spare you all the details, but it took a bad haircut (that feeling when the barber holds the mirror so you can see the back of your head), a friend’s comment, and a lucky connection to a top hair loss dermatologist for me to finally take action. The doctor’s recommendation was pretty straightforward and obvious: based on the stage and location of my hair loss, I should take the two (and only) FDA-approved treatments. But the most valuable part of this experience was how he explained the situation and what to expect next in plain English. Here’s what I learned:

  • I wasn’t as unique as I thought. 2 out of 3 guys will start to lose their hair before they turn 35 years old.
  • There’s no magic cure for hair loss, and most of the products sold today — from laser helmets to gummy vitamins — have not been proven to actually work.
  • There are treatments that work, but you need to start early. While research shows the two FDA-approved treatments can regrow up to 20% of the hair you’ve lost, they are up to 90% effective at stopping further loss.

The fact is most men think hair loss is inevitable and starts later in life than it actually does, so they put off taking action until it’s too late. Even the most effective treatments are better at prevention than regrowth. But when treated early, hair loss can usually be prevented fairly easily. That’s why we created Keeps, making it easy and affordable to take a proactive approach to keeping your hair.

Simply go to to answer a couple of questions and upload a few photos. Your Keeps doctor then devises a personalized plan with just what you need — and nothing you don’t. You can purchase a plan consisting of a 90-day supply of FDA-approved products which arrives at your door 2–3 days later. Even better, it’s half the cost of existing solutions. We also provide free access to progress tracking tools and ongoing support to help men see results.

We understand guys just want the easiest and most affordable way to stop hair loss and then get back to their lives, which is why we’ve made our service and brand straightforward and approachable. We’re currently available in about 30 states, covering ~85% of the US population, so if you or someone you know is starting to lose their hair, do them (and us) a favor and let them know about Keeps! For launch, we’re even offering the first month of treatment free. Let’s do this!