Aiohttp grows up

TLDR: After close to four years of developing aiohttp under Keepsafe’s repository, we’ve recently determined that aiohttp has matured to a point that would benefit from being hosted under aio-libs.

Over the past three years aiohttp has grown from a small internal web framework to a serious standalone project that makes asynchronous programming in web apps not just easy — but also pleasant.

It all started with Nikolay Kim writing the first version of Keepsafe’s backend. At the time we had 10 million people using Keepsafe, and we knew we needed to build something that would run smooth under load. Nikolay’s previous involvement working on asyncio led to the first version of aiohttp. We used it from the start to build Keepsafe’s infrastructure.

Andrew Svetlov expressed early interest in the project as heknew Nikolay from the asyncio days as a Python core-developer. We collaborated with Andrew and started spending more and more time on aiohttp.

By now aiohttp has close to 3,000 starts on Github — a stable and healthy contribution. With version two of aiohttp approaching, we believe it’s time to allow teenager to move out, spread its wings, and live with all its like-minded friends under aio-libs.

I personally want like to thank Nikolay Kim and Andrew Svetlov for their contributions to aiohttp while Keepsafe was its home.