The Perils of Loading Native Libraries on Android

Hilal Alsibai
Nov 7, 2015 · 7 min read

Enter the Dreaded “UnsatisfiedLinkError”

Moreover, in certain instances some of the native libraries were loaded properly, but not all.

Idea #1 — User Devices are Running out of Space

Idea #2 — Native Libraries were not being included in Updates

Idea #3 — Debug the issue directly with a real user

[…] the issue was with Android’s PackageManager installation process.

Getting to a Solution

The total number of UnsatisfiedLinkError exceptions thrown on a daily basis

Introducing ReLinker

ReLinker.loadLibrary(context, “mylibrary”)

Finally done


* Try to load a native library using a workaround of
* http://b/13216167.
* Workaround for b/13216167 was adapted from code in
* More details about http://b/13216167:
* PackageManager may fail to update shared library.
* Native library directory in an updated package is a symbolic link
* to a directory in /data/app-lib/<package name>, for example:
* /data/data/ -> /data/app-lib/[-1].
* When updating the application, the PackageManager create a new directory,
* e.g., /data/app-lib/, and remove the old symlink and
* recreate one to the new directory. However, on some devices (e.g. Sony Xperia),
* the symlink was updated, but fails to extract new native libraries from
* the new apk.
* We make the following changes to alleviate the issue:
* 1) name the native library with apk version code, e.g.,
*, 1750.136 is Chrome version number;
* 2) first try to load the library using System.loadLibrary,
* if that failed due to the library file was not found,
* search the named library in a /data/data/
* directory. Because of change 1), each version has a different native
* library name, so avoid mistakenly using the old native library.
* If named library is not in /data/data/ directory,
* extract native libraries from apk and cache in the directory.
* This function doesn’t throw UnsatisfiedLinkError, the caller needs to
* check the return value.

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