What We Learned Launching Keepsafe in 12 Languages

Optimize Your Keywords

When we launched Keepsafe in the App Store in 12 languages, it was painful to research and optimize keywords for each market. Like many engineering teams, craftsmanship is in our blood! We built an internal tool to make the work easier and more efficient. It’s Keepsafe’s nifty App Store keyword optimization tool that we’re proud to share with app developers today.

When you launch an app in the App Store, you research keywords that people will use to find your app. Typically, you prioritize keywords by search volume and difficulty (ie. how much competition there is for the keyword). You can include keywords in your app title (up to 50 characters) and you have an additional 100 characters for keywords. There’s no benefit to using the same keyword twice in the title and keyword list. But you want to include every possible keyword with the best possible chance of being found by interested people. And you also want to experiment with your app’s keywords to see what performs best.

The scale of this exercise gets complex quickly when you localize your app for a global market, since search terms rank differently in different languages and countries. This is the use case we set out to address when we built our App Store keyword optimization tool. The tool is best used for one app per market at a time.

Here’s how it works:

  • Prioritize your list of keywords in the right text field (All Keywords).
  • They will populate the Adjusted Keywords list (automatically removing spaces and separating keywords by commas to maximize character space)
  • Formulate your title (keywords used in the title turn green and are removed from the Adjusted Keywords list
  • Keywords that fall over the character limit are marked red

Give the tool a spin and check out our family of apps including Keepsafe Photo Vault that locks down private photos meant for your eyes only!

We’re also hiring awesome engineers like the ones who created this tool to help us build a family of apps for protecting people’s personal space. It’s an incredible opportunity to have your own craftsmanship touch millions of people.



Engineering problems at Keepsafe. Find open source projects at www.github.com/keepsafe.

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