Henry Vogel
Jul 1 · 3 min read

What a crazy last week in June!

The Keevo Limited Edition case.

Crypto markets went wild for sure. We’re all glad to see some movement, even if the markets are down from the highs last week.

But that’s not the only — let alone top — reason this has been such a crazy week for the Keevo team.

Keevo pre-order invites

Our new e-comm website is nearly ready to take pre-orders. We were hoping to launch it last week and release our first batch of invitations. But alas, we hit a temporary road block…

Ironically — or maybe not — accepting online payments for anything related to cryptocurrency is easier said than done. Just mentioning cryptocurrency on an e-commerce website causes all sorts of delays and account reviews — even after the initial approvals and testing.

Our commitment to you is to make sure the pre-order process is as smooth as possible. We don’t want anyone who signed up to the waiting list to miss out on getting a Limited Edition Keevo because of a problem with a payment gateway or not supporting enough payment options.

We are currently testing several payment gateways.

We expect to know more later this week and will keep you posted via email for those of you on the waiting list and on Telegram.

In the meantime… lots of product updates!

The Keevo hardware and software product teams reached several important milestones on the way to manufacturing and delivering our first Keevos in September!

Below are the latest pics of our Keevo hardware Proof of Concept (POCs). A POC is a model used to test, iterate and verify the final manufacturing product and processes.

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) for the Keevo Model 1
Keevo 2.8" Capacitive Touch Screen Color LCD
Keevo PCB Testing

On the software side

The Keevo software development team delivered the next version of the Keevo Operating System. With this, we also created the first Keevo account, private key and secret sub-keys using our first multi-factor/multi sig authentication system on our test boards!

It may not seem like much to the casual observer, but it’s great progress and the culmination of countless long hours and many nights and weekends working as a team across multiple geographies. We’re looking forward to posting some videos of this account number 1 setup process soon.

Up next

We expect to have an update for you later this week on the results of our coin vote, contest winners and status of our first invitations and pre-orders. Meanwhile, thanks again for all your continued interest and support.

Please continue to stay tuned for additional posts in the coming days on our technical specifications, production and delivery roadmap, partnerships, pricing, pre-order launch and more.

Learn more and pre-order your Keevo HERE

Invitations and product updates are being released first to people who sign-up.


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