First reader ready: Kefir Studio

Oct 23, 2018 · 2 min read

Hello everyone, it’s Kefir! We make games :)

We are a conversable team, so sometimes we will provide you with stories of the studio`s projects and life in general.

Kefir is a Russian game development studio, video game publisher of Last Day on Earth, Grim Soul, Russian Prison Mafia, Metro 2033, Eastern Front, etc. Its offices are located in Volgograd and Saint Petersburg.

From 7 people in an apartment to a premium class A office, under one roof we gathered over one hundred young talented people from different parts of our country. In a friendly and professional climate, the team creates projects loved by over 170 million players.

In 2016, it was decided to enter the mobile games market. In 62 days we released our first mobile title — Last Day on Earth (you can try it on iOS and Android).

Next, we have been listening to the requests of the players and swiftly released Grim Soul on the same platforms — mobile game in a sinister medieval setting — our equally favorite survival-game.

In Kefir, everyone can participate in games design and development, regardless of their position. Surely, this is our game designers` primary responsibility, and for colleagues from other branches we have created special courses:

1. To get the gist of game design and development craft.

2. To hone these skills and get mastery to the next level.

Team development in Kefir — our duty

It is crucial for us to make newcomers feel at home, and not to be cast-off.

Team Kefir attends cool workshops and conferences in other cities and countries, listens to guest speakers from the game industry, learns English for free. Also, we use “English for Gamers” — this guidebook was created by one of our translators, we will tell about it more detailed in the following articles.

Such conditions have attracted many guys from other cities, thanks to the awesome relocation package that includes a fully paid relocation and accommodation in the city center.

We try to go outside the territory of game design standart understanding. We are game-practitioners who think outside the box, from concept-document through development and selection to the prototype, from the pre-alpha version of the game through testing to a finished, completely new product.

We are Kefir! Join us!

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We are Kefir! We create true games


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We are Kefir! We create true games


We are Kefir! We create true games

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