Writing and Indonesian Government

Eka Kurniawan’s novel Beauty Is a Wound was compared to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and I can totally see why. Set in twentieth-century Indonesia, it explores the family life of infamous prostitute Dewi Ayu while also providing a sharp portrait of the military and political upheavals of Indonesian history. There’s quite a lot of sexual violence, but it doesn’t appear to be gratuitous. The plot is spell-binding. This said by Eleanor M Franzen, books reviewer.

But hey, actually, we are quite happy for Indonesian Literature. Since, the Indonesian series of bilingual books for kids was bought by a Chinese publisher. The Government of Indonesia must sees that participation in Frankfurt Book Fair is very important, indeed. Hopefully, Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (Bekraf) trully facilitate young Indonesian writers and raise them by creating workshop or training which is will increase their writing technique.