5 Tips for your big day

  1. Bustling your dress
    When returning to the bridal shop for your dress fittings make sure either by or before your last fitting you have someone from your bridal party learn how to bustle your wedding dress. Usually, it’s your maid of honor or mother but it should be anyone who will be with you at that moment on your big day. This is very important! Bustling is usually different for every dress and could be very confusing if you wait until your wedding day for that person to do it. You wouldn’t want it to look funny or not right for the rest of the night with photos being taken! I thankfully got lucky and my maid of honor worked at a bridal shop for years, she was a veteran on my day.

2. Contracts with all vendors
Contracts between you and your vendors for your wedding day are extremely important. Make sure you have signed contracts between every one of your vendors because you never know what could go wrong and you’d want to be protected. This is still necessary if you have a vendor who is family, a friend, or a friend of a friend who is providing the service. It will be helpful for situations that may arise and they do.

3. Extra shirt for groom
This is one of my favorite words of advice! Have an extra shirt for the groom. Between accidents, spills and a hot summer day where a groom may sweat it’s a good thing to be prepared with a backup shirt. I remind my brides of this to always have one. Even if the groom doesn’t use it, it won’t hurt knowing you have one just in case.

4. Wiggle room with timeline
This is something I cannot stress enough… make sure you have some wiggle room with your timeline on your wedding day. Things do not always go as planned and other situations may arise that you have no control over. It’s okay, these things happen! But, it’s good to know ahead of time that this could be the case. Don’t stress if you’re a bit behind with the timeline on the day of your wedding because it will all work out.

5. Take a moment
This is your wedding day. A day that you’ve been planning for months, maybe even years and it’s going to be stressful. But this is also a day that will go by so fast. In between the busy night of dancing, photos, eating and talking to your guests make sure you and your groom step back and take a moment. Look at everyone who has come out to celebrate this new beginning with you two. It’s truly a special day and having this moment to take it all in is definitely worth it.

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