Logo Time! (WIP)

So this story is going to be ongoing. In congruence with my last, I need to continue my focus on self-branding…and that means a logo. My overall aesthetic remains the same, clean and professional. This must be demonstrated first and foremost through my logo because it’s most likely the first thing others will see. I’ve come up with many ideas through sketches and doodles. Let’s take a quick look. Keep in mind, I sketch best when I’m not trying to focus on a certain assignment so some of these will not be in an official sketchbook.

I’ve always been a strong proponent of getting ideas out on paper before dedicating one’s time to designing digitally. It’s often much more time consuming and often requires much more skill. But with that being said, it’s good to comp up a couple of ideas digitally because these comps can often be mind changers. There’s something about seeing a design places within a webpage that can make it really pop. Let’s see a couple ideas that I’ve come up with.

I can’t emphasize more the desire to keep it clean and to-the-point. I want to market that I’m both a designer and a developer because from my research that is what is sought out most. I really hope this type of branding will help interest future employers and get me into a promising career.