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4 min readMay 17, 2022


Hello, this is your reporter Aillai!

Dr. Klay finally developed Kenome community governance. First and foremost, I’d love to tell Earthlings the details about our community governance guide. Below are the CG details of our update for earthlings!

Let’s see together Community Governance Teaser Video!

Community Governance Guide (CG)

CG Creation & Method Images may slightly differ from the actual game screen.

CG Creation & Registering

1. CG Registering method

Click the register button on the right side and request to the guild master. After the approval, CG will be activated! The current CG list will be exposed when you enter the CG menu.

※ Note: If you apply for another CG while waiting for a subscription, the previously used CG will be automatically canceled.

CG Generation Screen_Images may slightly differ from the actual game screen.

2. CG Creation Method

  1. Enter the CG menu and click the CG Creation button!
  2. (You are not subscribed to CG before)
  3. After clicking the ‘CG creation’ button, put the first generation of 10 kenomes on the registration screen.
  4. When the registration is ready, put the CG name with a combination of alphabet and numbers

※ Note:

  • If the Kenome is used for staking or content, it cannot be registered in CG.
  • If the Kenome is registered for CG, it is not allowed to use staking, content, and trading until CG is dismantled.
  • Please make a CG name carefully, as you need to dismantle it for renaming.

3. How to get CG score?

  1. Gameplay (PVE or PVP)

You can get a CG score by playing PvE or PvP content. Please wait a while since the system is under development.

2. Scholarship

  • A scholarship is a lending system for the holders to another player.
  • The Kenome lender will gain the reward share from the debtors when they play PvE or PvP.
  • The owner sets the player’s reward rate, which will be reflected in the owner’s CG score.
  • The higher the reward rate charged for the player, the more CG points the owner can get!
CG Ranking reward_Images may slightly differ from the actual game screen.

4. CG Ranking & Reward

  • CG Ranking

The sum of the scores of each member will be the final CG score.

  • Ranking reward standard

CG ranking will be renewed every day based on UTC 00:00, and ranking rewards will be given from 1st to 12th.

6% of daily $INS will be paid to the CG Rewards Pool.

And the cumulative $INS will be paid overtime until the first CG reward since $INS was issued! Cumulative $INS will be paid from the first CG reward given.

40% of ranking rewards will be distributed equally to CG rankers of 1st to 12th.

60% of ranking rewards will be differentially distributed to CGs from 1st to 11th.

※ Note: Only CG creation and subscription are available at this time. Scoring and ranking rewards will be available after the PvE update

5. Reward distribution

Ranking rewards can be received by clicking the Receive button on the image above (CG Ranking reward image).

※ Note: CG masters have a right to set the ranking reward rate.

In addition, there is no forcing or any intervention on CG master’s decision making as it is also part of our game system.

As a member of the Kenome team, we do not disclose any contents under discussion or unconfirmed. We will continue to work hard for Kenome holders by expanding partnership and the P2E game business.

That’s all we’ve prepared for today. We’ll bring you more game content news from now on. Thank you for waiting, earthling!

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