Community Governance Open!

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1 min readMay 20, 2022


Hello, this is your reporter Aillai!

Today I prepared for our Earthling very interesting news! which is Dr. Klay finally developed Kenome community governance.

Dr. Klay says he sincerely appreciates the Kenome holders who have been waiting.

In the last posting, we talked about Community Governance Teaser Video! Don’t forget to watch the teaser video!

And also! Please click on the link below for a detailed CG guide!
Community Governance Detail Guild!

You didn’t forget that you had to have 10 Kenomes to create CGs, right?
I’m also going to become a CG master, too! isn’t cool?
Now, let’s go and create CG with 10 Kenomes!

Create CG and secure the CG name as a priority!
With CG Master, you can get more Kenome holders to choose from!

As a member of the Kenome team, we do not disclose any contents under discussion or unconfirmed. We will continue to work hard for Kenome holders by expanding partnership and the P2E game business.

That’s all we’ve prepared for today. We’ll bring you more game content news from now on. Thank you for waiting, earthling!

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