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3 min readApr 22, 2022


Hello, this is your reporter Aillai!

We’re pleased to notice Earthlings our new Kenome Development Note.

First of all, We are sorry that the CG schedule is being delayed.
We also know that there are many other concerns due to insufficient information.

To answer some of the users’ questions and concerns,
We would like to give Earthlings brief information about the CG currently under development and the future schedule.

Community Governance

l CG Creation Conditions

- Earthlings can register 10 1st-generation kenomes to create CGs, and the kenomes used for creation can not be used for other content.

*When dismantling CG, the registered Kenomes can be reused.

l How to earn CG score

- CG scores can be earned through gameplay from the update of the PVE, and later through Scholarship and Affiliate Gameplay.

l CG Ranking Rewards

- For CG ranking rewards, $INS tokens will be distributed to CGs who scored from 1st ~ 12th every day, and additional rewards will be obtained according to the rankings other than the basic rewards.

- In addition, the current ranking compensation pool will be paid in addition to the daily ranking compensation generation until all the accumulated compensation is exhausted by the time the CG compensation is available because it is distributed 6% from the issuance of $INS.

l CG Schedule

- The schedule has been delayed due to the improvement of the existing content and update of the parts information, and the CG will update around mid-May.
*More detailed guides and schedules will be announced in detail later.

Develop of the CG image

PVE and Scholarship Preparation

In order to activate PVE and Scholarship contents that are currently under development along with CG, we are planning to pre-marketing users who can actively use the Scholarship in Indonesia before PVE and Scholarship are updated after CG update.

During this period, a separate channel will be configured to allow holders and users to organize their communities in advance. In addition, considering that pre-configuration may be difficult due to differences in countries and languages between users, we are planning to provide conveniences such as translations and Moderators.

Please understand that the update schedule can be adjusted in consideration of the development situation as well as enough time for users to organize the community in advance.


  • If the CG is delayed, won’t there be any damage to the reward that Earthlings can get?

- Reward Pools distributed through CG have already accumulated since $INS coins were issued, so if CG or PVE content updates are delayed, the amount of rewards will not decrease, So Earthlings don’t have to worry about this.

  • Can’t Earthlings concentrate the distribution of INS supplies to CG until the update of PVE?

- Coordination opinions on the token economy are also being discussed by the Kenome team with experts. After that, we will prepare to decide together through the votes or opinions of the Kenome holders.

  • We have a lot of questions, and we hope Kenome to communicate with AMA!

- We are planning to answer the questions of the Kenome holders.

Once again, We are sorry for the delay. We and Dr.Klay will try harder.
Earthlings, please watch our KENOME until the end! Thank you.

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