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Hello, this is your reporter Aillai!

Here are some of the answers from our Kenome holder frequently asked Questions.

Q. What are the benefits of 1st generation Kenom holders?

The benefits of 1st generation Kenom holders are the same as previous benefits that holders will be WL for the land sales. In addition, if the holder has more than 10 kenomes, CG creation rights and confirmed WL will be given according to the number of the Kenomes. The role will automatically be applied through a snapshot when we start giving the AirDrop.

Q. Mystic benefits

Mystic parts have a unique design effect, which will be reflected consecutively after the CG update. The benefits in terms of ability will be applied after the LAND update. And all the land benefits and conditions will be disclosed when the LAND details are updated.

Q. Keroz X Kenome

It is a partnership company, nothing more than that.

Q. Change the breeding cost

We deeply agree that breeding costs should be flexible according to the market valuation. However, we will not update the game balance based on the current market value of INS & HC.

Q. INS Token Economy

We are planning to change the INS token ecosystem. We are preparing to move into DEX and CEX other than Klayswap to secure more users. The compensation for the LP pool will be modified as we are expecting a recession.

Q. Considering other chains

We have confirmed that there is no technical problem with using other chains. However, when transferring to another chain, it is necessary to move the entire data and additional development work is required, so we are not planning to change the chain so far.

Q. Sharing progress

To solve the lack of communication, we would like to share the status of updates periodically.

Q. Roadmap

First of all, we ask for your understanding that the schedule related to the existing roadmap is being delayed. The current roadmap is CG updated within May, and PvE content is scheduled for September. We are currently working on a roadmap renewal. Though there is a delay, we promise to deliver even higher quality. We will share the new roadmap through the official community channel as soon as the new roadmap is completed.

Q. Guild INS distribution method

CG is being developed to gather one community group rather than guilds in general games. INS will be distributed to the top 12 guilds based on activity points. Each guild master can set their own rule for the distribution as we like to assure the autonomy of the guild master.
‘A’ — Take INS, distribute your token for the CG
‘B’ — Take INS, distribute Kenome
‘C’ — Take INS, distribute INS

Q. Game optimization

Until the PvE launch, we will continue optimizing animations, reducing resources, and changing the loading method. So, by the time PvE contents are available, we plan to provide the mobile environment service.

Q. Language support for Korean

As Kenome aims for a global service, we have been using English notices all the time. However, we found that we have many users from Korea since we are using the Klayton chain. As a result, we have decided to support both Korean and English through official channels in the future.

Once again, We and Dr.Klay will try harder.
Earthlings, please watch our KENOME until the end! Thank you.

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