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Introducing the Kenshi Deep Blockchain Indexing Services

The Kenshi Deep Blockchain Indexing services are now live and available for beta testing on the Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and the Fantom networks!

Kenshi is a blockchain and cryptocurrency company based in Switzerland, providing services such as auditing, development, liquidity lockers, oracles, and more.

TL;DR: We published our Deep Indexing services on BSC, MATIC, and FTM. If you wish to take part in the open beta program, request to join on our Telegram chat!

Kenshi Deep Indexing Services

Information published on the blockchain is publicly available and accessible by anyone who needs it. However, traversing the event logs and searching for specific events is not an easy task. First of all, the data is not indexed, and therefore not searchable; you cannot query the blockchain as you would do a normal database.

In addition to that, due to race conditions and chain reorganization, it’s not uncommon to miss some events when using ethers.js for listening to the blockchain. The Kenshi Deep Indexing services solve these problems by recording the events and logs you’re interested in, providing endpoints and mechanisms to search, query, and consume them.

Our infrastructure is completely serverless and scales indefinitely, so you don’t have to worry about downtimes with our services. We scan each block multiple times to make sure no event is missed. All events that are sent to your consumers are cached with a TTL of 900s to make sure no duplicate events are reported. This makes the Kenshi Deep Indexing services highly available and reliable.

Sync Task Definitions

To get started with the Kenshi Deep Indexing services, all you need to do is submit a Sync Task Definition. This task definition specifies which chain and which type of events you’re interested in. Once submitted our services do the rest: they take your sync task definition, traverse the blockchain and look for matching events, storing them in our database and indexing them as they find them. You can find an example Sync Task Definition in our documentation.

GraphQL Endpoint

You can use our GraphQL endpoints to easily query data in our blockchain databases. The entire dataset we hold will be available to you to process, not only the data from your task definitions. Enjoy querying the entire collection of our synced blockchain events!

Reverse-API Support

Don’t want to keep checking if new data is available every few seconds? Long polling doesn’t work for you and you need a more serverless-friendly solution? Just give us an event listener definition, we will report the events you’re interested in back to you as they happen or as we get them from the blockchain.

Open Beta and Availability

Our Deep Indexing services are available on the Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, and Polygon testnets. We’re holding an open beta testing event before we publish these services to the mainnets. If you wish to take part in the beta test, send us a message on our Telegram chat. Documentation and sample code for these services can be found on our documentation website.

Hope you build great projects with Kenshi! We’re always available to answer your questions.



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