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Introducing the Kenshi VRF Oracle

The Kenshi VRF oracle is now live and available for beta testing on the Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and the Fantom networks!

Kenshi is a blockchain and cryptocurrency company based in Switzerland, providing services such as auditing, development, liquidity lockers, oracles, and more.

TL;DR: We published our VRF oracle on BSC, MATIC, and FTM. If you wish to take part in the open beta program, request to join on our Telegram chat!

The Kenshi VRF Oracle

The Kenshi Verifiable Random Function (VRF) oracle can generate and verify pseudorandom numbers to be used by smart contracts on-chain. These random numbers are safe, secure, and tamper-proof. Their fairness and derivation are verifiable by the receiving party. This verification proves that they are not modified nor tampered with when transferred from source to destination.

VRFs play an important role in the blockchain, as the blockchain lacks the native functionality to securely generate random numbers due to its deterministic nature. VRFs can be used to implement dynamic NFTs, cryptocurrency betting systems, metaverses assets, cryptocurrency games, or anywhere on the blockchain where a random number is needed.

Latest Golberg VRF standard

Kenshi implements the latest Goldberg ECVRF Draft 10 as outlined by IETF. Our solidity VRF library is upgradeable. That way, it lets you easily upgrade to the newest VRF version as soon as a new draft is published by IETF and implemented by the Kenshi team.

Fair Pricing

Our pricing is fair and based on how much gas is used while reporting the randomly generated numbers to your smart contracts. We never charge the maximum possible gas fee for a random number.

Optional On-chain Verification

On-chain verification of the random numbers generated by a VRF can get very costly on the more expensive chains. In case you don’t need to verify the random numbers on the chain, you can turn off the verification option to save on gas fees. A public and free VRF library is deployed on each chain to verify the random numbers, as well as a Node.js library that can be used to verify the numbers off-chain.


Our VRFs are error-proof and recover from failed transactions by themselves. No need to worry if you lack Kenshi for paying the VRF fees or if the network is down for some time, the Kenshi VRF oracle tries multiple times to report the random number to your contract before it gives up, in which case you’re notified of the failure with the possibility to retry. In case of a failure, no fees are charged.

Open Beta and Availability

Our VRF oracle is available on the BSC, Fantom, and Polygon testnets. We’re holding an open beta testing event before we publish our oracles to the mainnets. If you wish to take part in the open beta, send us a message on our Telegram chat. Documentation and sample code for integrating the Kenshi VRF can be found on our documentation website.

Hope you build great projects with Kenshi! We’re always available to answer your questions.



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