They Miscalculated

They thought we weren’t paying attention.

Show them they’re wrong.

The US House of Representatives voted to strip over half a million Kentuckians of Medicaid coverage, and to make affordable access to health care more difficult. Trumpcare, as passed by the House, will:

  • Remove over 600,000 Kentuckians from Medicaid
  • Strip insurance from 7 million Veterans
  • Take insurance out of reach for the 33% of Kentuckians with pre-existing conditions
  • Remove essential special education funding

Congressional Republicans hoped that we wouldn’t notice their in-the dark behavior. Donald Trump hoped that we wouldn’t notice his attempt to re-engineer the American economy with a bill written behind closed doors barely over a week, with no opportunity for public input. Hospitals, doctors, nurses, the AARP, and anyone who has an interest in patient care has come out against this bill.

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