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Kepple (previously QLC Chain)
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Kepple (previously QLC Chain) brings Web3 features on the BNB Chain to Social Media platforms through an All-In-One Extension

QLC Chain becomes Kepple!

We are delighted to present the QLCChain Roadmap for 2023!
After a hiatus from the previous roadmap of QLCChain, we are proud to announce the rebranding of QLCChain to Kepple, bringing a redefined concept following the communication services spirit of the former: QLCChain will become an all-in-one crypto solution on the BNB chain for social media platforms.

Kepple aims to bring Web3 features to Twitter and other popular Web2 social media platforms, thus ensuring potential billions of users can benefit from the services offered by Kepple.

By becoming a Layer 2 crypto solution for Twitter and for other popular social media platforms, you, Kepplers, will be able to use the following features with an all-in-one extension:

  • Use your own KeppleWallet
  • Connect your fav wallet in Kepple i.e. MetaMask or WalletConnect
  • Built-in Trading tools: Swap your crypto on DEXs without moving from your social media platform
  • Track crypto prices and data, and share them with your followers
  • Send encrypted crypto tips to your friends
  • Get ready to engage with your community and distribute crypto rewards fairly to followers completing tasks
  • Use your NFT PFPs
  • File transfer using Decentralised File Sharing Storage services
  • And more!
Kepple (Previously QLC Chain) New Roadmap for 2023 in detail

The migration of QLC from NEO to the BNB chain will ensure both seamless and safe fast transactions: the BNB will overcome any major scalability problems and meet high throughput requirements thus becoming the optimum solution while ensuring low gas fees without relying on Qgas.

Please note that there are elements in the roadmap that could be redistributed in time due to factors that could change the order of priorities such as feedback from community and research.

Without further ado, welcome to the Keppleverse and we unveil the Kepple Roadmap next:

Q4 2022 — Q1 2023

Token Migration: From NEO to the BNB Chain

QLC will migrate from the NEO blockchain (dual consensus DPoS — PoW) to the BNB chain in order to become PoS. This will empower KPL with further interoperability to ensure fast and smooth transactions with low Tx fees.

The token QLC to KPL token swap will be unidirectional and at a 1:1 ratio (1 QLC = 1 KPL).

Both tokens will co-exist for a certain period of time after the swap contract is released. Once KPL tokens are swapped, the old QLC tokens will be burned.

We expect exchanges to support the upgrade to KPL without any further action required from users. For any users holding QLC on their own wallets, a simple and manual upgrade will be required from you.

Further details and instructions will be given at a later stage.

Ticker change

Change of ticker for QLCChain: $QLC will become $KPL in the migration to the BNB chain.


Release of the staking feature for both KPL holders running nodes -validators- to earn KPL while contributing to the network scalability, and to feature the ability to delegate to node operators to stake.


Set up the framework to make Kepple become a Decentralised Autonomous Organization: $KPL will be provided with governance, letting the community hold voting rights in the future.

Q2 2023

Kepple Desktop Wallet

Development of a desktop wallet for Kepple.

Kepple Browser extension Wallet

Integration of your wallet in an easy-to-use and light extension for your browser.

Kepple Mobile Wallet

Customisation of an open-source wallet for the most popular platforms.

Kepple Browser Extension

Pre-release of the Kepple extension with built-in wallet and basic features.

Q3 2023

Social Trading Tools

Integration of a multi-chain Swap feature within the extension.

Crypto Data Streaming

Live stream of crypto prices to share to your community.

Encoded File Sharing

Integration of a third-party system for file sharing on Twitter, encrypted and automatically decrypted by the Keppler recipient.

Kepple Browser Extension

Release of the Kepple extension with more built-in features as the ones listed above.

Community Incentive

To build momentum, we plan to welcome contributors to Kepple to boost development and growth: earn rewards as a community member by participating in either tech or non-tech areas of Kepple!

Social Media Oracles

Use the decentralised power of the Kepple network to attest actions in social media. Kepple’s smart contracts will be able to trustlessly verify social media posts and followers to trigger actions. E.g: Follow @kepple_io on Twitter to mint the newest NFT!

Q4 2023

NFTs as PFPs

Alternative way to use your NFTs as PFPs directly in your wallet.

Twitter Giveaway

Intended for promotions, and using social media oracles, be able to distribute crypto rewards fairly to random followers completing tasks and let the Kepple extension do it seamlessly for you.

Merchant Tool

Development of a crypto tool to manage lightweight transactions specially designed for merchants selling goods on social media platforms.

Regional Communities

Release of local language communities for Kepple.

Please note that the previous website, Twitter and TG links will remain available, and we will be transitioning to the new ones noted below:

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Kepple (previously QLC Chain)

Kepple (previously QLC Chain) Brings Web3 features on the BNB Chain to Social Media platforms through an All-In-One Extension