KeppleDAO and the Future of Kepple: Empowering the Community through Governance

Kepple (previously QLC Chain)
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KeppleDAO and the Future of Kepple

Kepple is marking its 5th anniversary and paving the way for a new era of decentralised governance with the launch of $KPL and the subsequent establishment of KeppleDAO. This new entity will provide governance voting rights to $KPL holders, enabling them to take control of the core of Kepple, manage resources, and make crucial decisions for the future of the project.

The $KPL token will be deployed on the Binance Chain, where the DAO governance will be enabled. The QLC Chain infrastructure will be managed by KeppleDAO, a decentralised entity that will hold Kepple’s rights.

KeppleDAO will shift the current project’s centralisation towards $KPL token holders, empowering them to elaborate, discuss and approve decisions, essentially taking ownership of the project. The former council of QLC Chain will be supporting it, transferring decision-making power and the full control to the community once KeppleDAO is formed.

Kepple, previously known as QLC Chain, is marking a significant milestone for the project. Since 2018, the financial resources of QLC Chain have been prudently managed to ensure the former concept project and its sustainability and resilience through challenging and turbulent market conditions.

As QLC Chain transitions to Kepple and sets up KeppleDAO, additional resources are required to support the new product range, execute the roadmap, administrate the brand, and drive growth through adaptive marketing and incentive programs. Among the many development tasks, there are the Kepple wallets, built-in social trading tools for Twitter and file transfer systems.

To fund these activities, 126M KPL tokens will be allocated to an Empowerment Fund to execute the roadmap, promote growth and secure the future of Kepple. These tokens will be vested linearly over two years. Kepple contributors that bring forward either tech and non-techical areas for approved Kepple Improvement Proposals (KIPs) will be rewarded as part of these activities. Additionally, 24M KPL tokens will be allocated to the Staking Fund, vested linearly over two years, so as to fuel staking incentives for the next five years. For detailed information, please refer to this detailed tokenomics litepaper.

To carry out the full potential of KeppleDAO, governance smart contracts and token swap contracts will be deployed after the release of the KPL BEP20 token. These contracts will be immutable.

Kepple is taking a fundamental step forward with a token swap and going beyond a mere rebranding by transferring control of the project to KPL holders through KeppleDAO. The original roadmap plan will be respected, but additionally, the community will be empowered to suggest new initiatives, products, and improvements on the upcoming products. Kepple will thus become self-sustainable, better, and stronger with the input of its community through constructive ideas.

The magnitude and reach of the new project concept is unparalleled to what QLC Chain did before by releasing products to integrate Web3 features to Social Media platforms such as Twitter through an all-in-one extension.

KeppleDAO is the future of Kepple, and the community will have the power to drive the project forward. By enabling governance voting rights to KPL holders, KeppleDAO will take decentralised governance to the next level and make Kepple a leading project in the Web3 crypto space.

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Kepple (previously QLC Chain)

Kepple (previously QLC Chain) Brings Web3 features on the BNB Chain to Social Media platforms through an All-In-One Extension