QLC Chain Bi-Weekly Report — #035

QLC 2-year Milestones and LOI with DYXnet

QLC Chain and DYXnet signed a letter of intent to build decentralized privacy management infrastructure for enterprise adoption in Hong Kong. QLC Chain has developed Confidant, a decentralized PMI(Privacy Management Infrastructure) that features encrypted IM, email, file transfer, and sensitive data encryption management functions.

About DYXnet

Established in 1999 and headquartered in Hong Kong, DYXnet Group offers MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching ) based VPN network, Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN), Internet access, data center and network security solutions to enterprise clients via a provisioning capability in many cities throughout Greater China and the wider Asia Pacific region.

DYXNet’s annual revenue is more than 1 billion RMB.

The past two years have been a journey for QLC Chain team of many sleepless nights, struggles and breakthroughs. Looking back to highlights that team had achieved and memorable moments that team kept in mind, QLC Chief architect Allen Li shares his thoughts and visions in an open letter ‘Never stop building’ to the QLC community.

Besides, QLC Chain Milestones Infographic Design Competition is open for submissions with 5000 QLC reserved for the top contributor.

Total QLC Chain node number first reveals — 276 QLC global nodes in all!

Recently QLC Chain explorer added the real-time number of QLC Chain nodes on the QLC explorer home page. The total number of nodes hits 276!

Now some of the pilot Confidant Stations also run as QLC Chain full nodes globally that contribute to the overall security and stability of the public chain.

We will roll out the incentive plan to bring more qualified nodes online.

As of Sept 2nd, the total number of QLC staked hit a record of over 74 million

On August 27th, China Telecom’s Joint Blockchain and Digital Economy Lab released the White Paper on “Blockchain Smart Phones in the 5G Era.”

We are pleased to find that China Telecom’s blockchain strategy underlined in the whitepaper is highly consistent with ours. The whitepaper elaborates on SIM card-based digital asset management system, counter telecom fraud, harassment, data loss and more crimes related to identity theft.

A Chinese recap of the whitepaper can be found here

PUBLIC CHAIN DEVELOPMENT — Multidimensional Block Lattice

Completed ( Aug 12th — Aug 23rd)

  • PoV supported multi-algorithm mining
  • Added pending meta to avoid invalid repeatedly transactions
  • Implemented common node metrics monitor
  • Released and deployed go-qlc v1.2.6.5

Ongoing (August 26th — Sep 6th)

  • Optimize P2P protocol to reduce timeout retry
  • Implement node metrics RPC
  • Optimize consensus sync performance

Next Step (Sep 9th — Sep 20th)

  • Automate integration testing
  • More metrics for performance monitor, eg. PoV power
  • Optimize performance

Confidant Development

Completed ( Aug 12th — Aug 23rd)

  • Group email sending and display of the email content
  • Email parser and improvements

Ongoing (August 26th — Sep 6th)

  • Automatically add Confidant Contacts/friends via sending emails
  • Enable Email push notifications
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Next Step (Sep 9th — Sep 20th)

  • All new messages received from joined circles can be synchronised to currently logged in circle

Qwallet Development

Completed ( Aug 12th — Aug 23rd)

  • Development of the Qgas/QLC trading on OTC platform

Ongoing (August 26th — Sep 6th)

  • Development of in-wallet Staking

Next Step (Sep 9th — Sep 20th)

  • Cooperation with a partner on the further development of Staking

Dossier of reading to understand QLC Chain mainnet

About QLC Chain
QLC Chain is the next-generation public chain for Network-as-a-Service (NaaS). It is the world’s first infrastructure-level public chain with embedded telecom service capabilities. The QLC Chain benefits the QLC holders in the network services.

It is the distributed telecom services constructed on multi-dimensional block-lattice which is a type of DLT structure. The major features include

1) distributed security (e.g. digital ID authentication, privacy encryption and on-premise storage)

2) distributed billing (e.g. trusted billing, anti-fraud billing and phone bill payment)

3) P2P addressing (digital identity and chord network optimization based on IPv6).

Please visit the website for more information https://qlcchain.org/



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