QLC Chain Bi-Weekly Report — #036

QWallet to Support Mobile Service Plan Top-up Gateway with QGas

QWallet to support the China Mobile Guangdong Service Plan Top-up Gateway Soon

Starting with the next Q-Wallet update (scheduled to launch on September 27, 2019), QLC Chain mobile plan bill payment will be supported for China Mobile Guangdong branch registered users.

This mobile top-up application will consume 1 QGas as ¥1 RMB coupon. Users will be able to purchase a maximum of 5% of the total top-up value with QGas.

Informative QLC Chain AMA with NEO community and the transcript worth reading

QLC Chain chief architect, Allen Lee, and marketing and PR director, Toya Zhang participated in the NEO AMA hosted on Sep 12th, discussing the QLC Chain dual-token model, telecommunications services offered by QLC Chain, and more.

The transcript of the whole AMA has been published on the NEONewstoday website, many of the topics receiving most concerns from the community were addressed.

Major update of QWallet — $QLC/ $QGAS OTC trading pair is added!

QLC/QGAS trading pair

Qwallet has added the new trading pair of QGas/QLC. An illustrative post about what QLC and QGas are used for can be found here

Confidant hit its 1-year celebration with a review of its remarkable updates

As of Sept 23rd, 2019, Confidant has come to its 1.1. 1 version and gone through 323 builds.

Confidant moves further towards its target to grow into comprehensive privacy management and protection platform, and the tool for users to stay in touch with the ones who matter.

At the time of the 1-year celebration of Confidant, we composed a brief review of Confidant development milestones to walk you through Confidant’s growth.

An illustration that explains what are #QLC and #QGAS for, taking the example of Confidant

PUBLIC CHAIN DEVELOPMENT — Multidimensional Block Lattice

Completed ( Aug 26th — Sep 6th)

  • Optimised P2P protocol to reduce timeout retry
  • Optimised consensus sync performance
  • Implemented RPC interface for hot deploy
  • Optimised CLI for build performance
  • Supported online proof of the representation node

Ongoing (Sep 9th — Sep 20th)

  • Implement node metrics RPC
  • Automate integration testing
  • Implement more metrics, eg. PoV power
  • Optimize performance
  • Refactor on-chain contract interface
  • Integration testing for v1.3

Next Step (Sep 23rd — Oct 10th)

  • Release version 1.3

Confidant Development

Completed ( Aug 26th — Sep 6th)

  • Improvements were made on using experience
  • General bug fixes

Ongoing (Sep 9th — Sep 20th)

  • Message storing while switching to other Confidant Station
  • Further improvements on Email notifications on mobile clients

Next Step (Sep 23rd — Oct 10th)

  • To start development of Confidant desktop version

Qwallet Development

Completed ( Aug 26th — Sep 6th)

  • QLC staking

Ongoing Sep 9th — Sep 20th)

  • Integration of multi-token pool staking

Next Step (Sep 23rd — Oct 10th)

  • To add the mobile service plan top-up gateway module

About QLC Chain
QLC Chain is the next generation public chain for Network-as-a-Service (NaaS). It is the world’s first infrastructure-level public chain with embedded telecom service capabilities. The QLC Chain benefits the QLC holders in the network services.

It is the distributed telecom services constructed on multi-dimensional block lattice which is a type of DLT structure. The major features include

1) distributed security (e.g. digital ID authentication, privacy encryption and on-premise storage)

2) distributed billing (e.g. trusted billing, anti-fraud billing and phone bill payment)

3) P2P addressing (digital identity and chord network optimization based on IPv6).

Please visit the website for more information https://qlcchain.org/



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