QLC Chain Bi-Weekly Report — #038

Q-Wallet registered users mount up to over 3100, QLC staking amount exceeds 75 million

  1. New height hit: Q-Wallet registered users mount up to over 3100
  2. Improved OTC operation that supports one-click to trade.
  • Released Version 1.3
  • Q4 WBS
  • Refactor airdrop contract base on new contract interface
  • Read genesis account from config
  • Prepare for automated integration testing
  • Fix all golang-lint warning and error
  • Prepare for the second phase of (P2P/Consensus) optimization
  • Automated integration testing
  • More metrics, eg. PoV power
  • Optimize performance
  • Development of the major protocols of Confidant PC client
  • Development of the Email module of Confidant PC client
  • To work on the authentication of Oauth 2.0 to integrate Gmail enterprise email,
  • Test and debug the Oauth 2.0 authentication related ports.
  • To further improve the using experience with email of Confidant PC client.
  • Developed a referral rewards system and in-app QLC lending for staking function.
  • Add OKB as top-up coupon in the top-up module.
  • To further simplify the using experience with OTC module from the selling and buying orders’ sides.
  • To support in-app staking OKB and other tokens



Kepple (previously QLC Chain) is the All-In-One Extension that brings Web3 features to Social Media platforms

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Kepple (previously QLC Chain) Brings Web3 features on the BNB Chain to Social Media platforms through an All-In-One Extension