QLC Chain Bi-Weekly Report — #048

QLC Chain full speed development of our enterprise-oriented solution

  1. Taking forward the industrial partnership with deliverables ready for upcoming deployment by leading operators

As a blockchain-based solution provider in the MEF community, QLC Chain joins MEF’s efforts to accelerate the use of current SDKs by service providers and technology vendors throughout the industry. Several leading service providers and multinational enterprises have been on track to be production-ready by the end of June 2020 for deploying the APIs to automate one process of their service systems.

We will be continuously updating on the progress.

2. Confidant promotion campaign will be extended for another 2 weeks till June 23rd

Confidant referral program is now ongoing, seeing an increase of 51.8% in sign-up of new users since June 26th. We witnessed the new users actively engage in Confidant email configuration and the referral program at an accelerating pace.

As a secure mobile messenger and comprehensive privacy protection tool, Confidant was designed with ultimate cyber security in mind.We understand the critical value of not only your sensitive data and files, but also your digital social relationship and your ownership of social accounts. The unique ‘Confidant’ way of distributing accounts and inviting friends is the result of us balancing Confidant’s convenience as a communication infrastructure for daily use and security level in practice as a cyber security tool.

So share Confidant with the ones who matter to you, your friends, families, significant other to pass on the value of privacy security to them!

Confidant iOS downloads

Confidant android

Now a Confidant featured chatbox named Campaign Updates acts as the dedicated information hub for the program and the portal to enrolling in the program. Open the notification to access Campaign Updates message thread to learn how to refer friends to Confidant, how much rewards you will be entitled to.

3. QGas buyback and burn program round 2 concluded in Q-Wallet. 20011.267 QGas burned

QGas buyback program round 2 concluded on May 31st wrapping up with 20011.267 QGas bought back. On June 3rd, the QGas purchased was burnt on the QLC Chain as planned at the eater address qlc_1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111hifc8npp, the transaction link can be traced via https://explorer.qlcchain.org/transaction/7c2470fe3e70d8da014c9b5a880df01da24362fbff82cb0fa87e1b452b48fd26. The eater address is published for public monitoring that no transfer-out could take place afterwards.

The remaining open orders are still available for filling in the Q-Wallet OTC. If any QGas hodler is willing to sell QGas for QLC at the current rate go to Sell in Q-Wallet OTC to fill the orders.

4. QLC Chain is hiring globally! Blockchain developers and solutions engineers wanted.

During the past 4 months, with the increasing workload from our cooperation, the QLC Chain team has been in growing need of development talents, especially blockchain developers and solutions engineers. We will be publishing specific job responsibilities and requirements later. Stay tuned for our updates if you are interested.


Completed(May 18 — May 22)

  • Implement sonata client change product order state
  • Implement sonata server product order interface
  • Define the gRPC proto file
  • Improve the DoD RPC interfaces

Ongoing(May 25 — May 29)

  • Improve dod settlement smart contract process deployment test environment
  • Optimize dod settlement smart contract storage and invoice
  • Implement grpc server function add DoD APIs

Next Step(Jun 1 — Jun 12)

  • Modify code to connect and test sonata client
  • Pre-research for alternatives to wagon
  • Add dod rpc api to sdk

Confidant Development

Completed(May 18 — May 22)

  • Developed the referral program module
  • Improved the push notification system
  • Created the back-end console for Confidant promotion campaign

Ongoing(May 25 — May 29)

  • Continued improvement made in Confidant referral program
  • Develop the user feedback module

Next Step(Jun 1 — Jun 12)

  • User feedback module goes live

Q-Wallet Development

Completed(May 18 — May 22)

  • Improved the newly added DeFi market module in Q-Wallet iOS

Ongoing(May 25 — May 29)

  • Develop the DeFi market module in Q-Wallet Android

Next Step(Jun 1 — Jun 12)

  • Add the DeFi market module in Q-Wallet Android where users can check on the latest DeFi market updates and rate products based on their using experience

About QLC Chain

QLC Chain is to resolve the data trust and security problem in the communication industry, and aim to build a public chain for Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform.

From the ledger structure perspective: QLC Chain supports each account to have its own chain of ledger integrated with telecom service capabilities, named the multi-dimensional block-lattice structured ledger.

From an adoption scenario perspective: QLC Chain’s mission is to create a secure and trusted environment for communication services and to narrow down the digital divide by leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology, enabling everyone to operate and benefit from network services.

Learn more about QLC Chain https://qlcchain.org/



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