QLC Chain Developer Community to Introduce Blockchain-based Private Communication Service at Consensus Singapore

Hardware Demonstration at Consensus Singapore

We are excited to showcase the Private Communication Service, for the very first time at Consensus: Singapore. Proudly, the solution is developed by our developer community, targeting to address the secure communication demand.

The Blockchain based Private Communication Service includes a blockchain-based router, the Pretty Private Router (PPR), and a messenger App, the Pretty Private Messenger (PPM).

The router enables private communication across the P2P network in an untraceable manner. It is the most secure communication you can have on the planet!

Why are the developers launching this?

It is no longer a secret that your online messages can be seen by intermediaries such as Telecom providers, Internet service providers, and device vendors. Personal and business data can be misused by the service providers themselves or by hackers through service provider bugs or carelessness.

In the digital age of today, we can all be victims of having our files or chat history leaked. And this can have big consequences, as we all know!

To safeguard your online message from prying eyes, the QLC team is proud to introduce this Private Communication Service.

What is the Private Communication Services?

The QLC developer community has developed the Blockchain based Private Communication Service. This includes a private router and a private messenger App.

The private routers construct a secure peer-to-peer network that facilitates end-to-end encrypted message and file exchange.

No cloud service acts as an intermediary storage and there is no application service provider involved. So there is no risk of the files being read by unauthorized third parties while the files and messages are in transit. When the data arrives at the router, all of it is locally encrypted and stored using the users’ public key from the blockchain!

What are the Highlights of this service?

Secure log-in: PPM doesn’t require user registration with a phone number or email account ID. Users are recognized by their provided public key, and Routers recognized each other by their P2P IDs. Throughout the process, no personal information is ever used or stored.

Secure communication tunnel: All transmission is across a secure P2P network tunnel is done without using cloud storage or application service providers. So, your conversations with counterparties are never exposed to any third parties. On top of that, all traffic is end-to-end encrypted. There cannot be any interception through man-in-the-middle or snooping attacks!

  1. Secure usage and storage:
  2. All stored data is privately and locally encrypted
  3. Files are exchanged encrypted by local keys for secure file exchange
  4. Messages cannot be copied when the App is used
  5. Screenshots are disabled when running the App
  6. Messages can be retracted permanently — if a message is retracted, all copies are removed as if it never was sent or existed.
  7. Shared messages can be retrieved only if all parties agree. So, only if all sides of a conversation agree can a complete message thread be seen

Anti evil-maid problem: The Router Rom is registered on the Blockchain to protect its immutability and exclusive ownership. It protects the integrity of the router even when the router is stolen, broken or overridden by others. Only the owner can access it and use it!

How do the router and App work together?

(We will demonstrate the usage of the product and initiate the router presale during the event. Please visit our Booth #103)

A secure peer-to-peer communication tunnel eliminates the possibility of users’ online data being compromised by a centralized server or hacker, achieving true private communication.

Join the Presale today!

To celebrate the debut of our Private Communication Service, the community will offer a 20% discount exclusively to Consensus participants. Deposit $100 USD to secure your service items (router and App). We expect to complete the delivery by the end of December.

Please come by our Booth BC 103 during Consensus — Singapore for a first-hand experience of our Private Communications Services and register for the presale!



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