QLC Chain expanding to MEF members : Cisco and Centurylink

On August 19, QLC Chain team hosted the meeting about DLT based billing for the Telecommunication Industry which included MEF members Cisco , Centurylink, PCCW global, CMC Networks, CDG and Sparkle network.

Our Architecture Adviser, Dr Andreas Freund illustrated the value of DLT for synchronizing states and records between operators.

Afterwards, the QLC Chain team explained the production DoD Billing Architecture based on the use of QLC Chain, which is already integrated with the MEF Sonata APIs and its use for Billing and Settlement between Service Providers and Carriers.

The meeting established the basis for defining new MEF specifications on the use of DLT for Supply Chains and Billing in the Telecommunication Industry.



Kepple (previously QLC Chain) is the All-In-One Extension that brings Web3 features to Social Media platforms

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Kepple (previously QLC Chain) Brings Web3 features on the BNB Chain to Social Media platforms through an All-In-One Extension