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We’re proud to announce that the subproject, Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit (KLT), which has been under development since September 2022, officially became Keptn as of August 11, 2023. All prior versions of Keptn will now be referred to as Keptn v1 and will be in maintenance mode only with an “end of life” date of December 22, 2023. The main GitHub development repository will remain lifecycle-toolkit, but we will only refer to Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit and KLT as Keptn going forward.

Image of sailor/deckhand hoisting up a sign that says Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit (KLT) is now Keptn.

How did we get here?

Keptn v1 was created in 2019 to orchestrate all stages of the software development cycle — development, testing, hardening, deployment, and monitoring of the production site in any environment. In September 2022, the Application Lifecycle Working Group was created within the project. A core goal of this working group was to introduce a more “cloud native” approach for pre- and post-deployment, as well as the concept of application health checks with the then experimental Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit.

In November 2022, we held elections for the newly created Keptn Governance Board to help better define, evolve, and defend the project’s vision, values, mission, and scope. At this time, we also announced that the minimum 6 months of long-term support for Keptn v1 would begin in January 2023, and the project’s development focus going forward would be Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit. To read more about the history of Keptn v1 you can read this blog post.

Timeline visualization of Keptn from v1 release date in June 2019 through December 2023
Keptn Timeline

Keptn v1 and Keptn (formerly KLT)

In our December 2022 Community Meeting we covered the differences between the two projects. You can watch that video or see the table below for a quick overview.

Keptn & Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit Timeline

What does “end of life” mean?

Keptn v1 long-term support will end on December 22, 2023. This means we will no longer release software fixes or updates. We highly encourage all users to begin their migration journey over to Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit as soon as possible to avoid running a vulnerable version of Keptn.

Next Steps

Keptn V1 Users
We strongly encourage all Keptn v1 users to begin their migration journey as soon as possible. Please read through our Migration Guide, and familiarize yourself with the Keptn Getting Started Guide. If you still need help, you can connect with us by:

New Keptn Users
Please check out the Keptn website, GitHub repository, Getting Started Guide, YouTube channel and let us know how it’s going by joining our Slack Workspace or Github discussions.



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