Meal Plan for Breastfeeding Mom

Morning Snack: Dates and soaked almonds+ Milk

Breakfast options: Water based drinks or milk (avoid tea/coffee) + warm breakfast like Puttu/ idli/ Idiyappam/

Mid morning snack options: Fruit and vegetable juice (Avoid grapes and orange), Oats

Lunch options: Rice + fish curry/fry (Only small fish dishes), Include vegetable dishes+ sprouted green gram

Tea time snack options: Water based infusion

Late evening Snack: A serving of fruit and some nuts.

Dinner options: Can be same as lunch + one serving of vegetable in the form of soup.

Foods to Avoid After C-Section:

You should avoid all fatty and junk foods as your physical activity are low after c-section. They may just add to your weight. Avoid spicy foods as they can lead to gastric problems. Moreover, your baby will also receive the flavor in the milk.

Here are a few kinds of foods that you may avoid:

· Carbonated drinks which may cause gas and flatulence should be avoided.

· Citrus juices should be taken with caution. You can initially take them in small amounts, and then increase it to moderate quantities.

· Caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea should be included in moderate amounts due to their diuretic properties. Also, the excess caffeine in them can lead to growth problems in your baby.

· `You should introduce gas-forming foods like white lentils, red kidney beans, chick peas, black-eyed beans, green peas and others gradually. Avoid other gas-forming foods like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, lady’s finger and onions for the initial 40 days.

· Do not eat fried foods as they are hard to digest, especially in the first days after delivery. They can cause indigestion, burns and gas.

· Do not take rice for at least three to four days after cesarean delivery, especially if you are diabetic. The high blood sugars from rice can interfere with the scar and may prolong the healing. Take brown rice as it supplies energy minus the extra calories.

· Avoid cold foods and drinks. They may make you catch a cold. As a lactating mother, you cannot take medication for cold as it can pass into the breast milk

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