KEROZ Lite Version Update Plan Notice — The First Step “FISHING”

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3 min readSep 16, 2022


Dear, KEROZ Holders.

The first step, “FISHING”’ content, will be released regarding the Lite Version update.

As I briefly introduced in the video the other day, there is a small well-side fishing area in KEROZ and a system where rare resources can be obtained. These rare resources help with gameplay and growth.


This screen is currently being developed, and the details may change.

In addition, To support communication with lots of Holders in KEROZ Universe, it will contain multiple access and in-game chat systems.

*More detailed information on how to use the lite version will be provided through a separate notice.

From now on, We would like to update you that we will pre-release it to the holders in stages such as combat systems, growth systems, and mode systems. Also, we would like to present this Lite Version as a PC version, and please note that KEROZ plans to provide mobile and PC versions together in the future.

Starting with this Lite Version, We would like to introduce in-game contents step by step. It is to share the results in the middle of the game’s production/development process with our holders and develop it into a more advanced system based on helpful feedback. Previously, Our holders delivered helpful and diverse opinions through LAND Mining Service, and we also reviewed and reflected on many things. Even after the release of the lite version, we ask for active feedback from our holders for the game’s fun.

The lite version will be released on October 20th, starting with a pilot service for stabilization, and please note in advance that goods and rewards acquired during the temporary pilot service period can be initialized. During the development process, KEROZ proceeded with system scalability and advanced system development, considering the expansion of the game worldview. Also, we ask for your understanding that the revelation time has been delayed a little more than the original plan due to the considerable period of testing and QA in the PC environment, not the existing web.

Stay tuned for our latest updates!

Thank you for your support.

Yours faithfully


Recently, we have been listening to the words of our holders who demand more trust in KEROZ due to other projects.

In response, TEAM KEROZ will disclose more detailed Road Maps, White-paper updates, Team introduction, Discord renewal, Token issuance plans (Pre-sale, CEX, etc.), AMA, Multi-Chain, Market Adoption Strategy, and undisclosed partnerships.

However, during this process, the timing of disclosure may be held at a time lag due to negotiations/consultations with other related companies. Please note that the announcement’s timing may change somewhat, unlike the original plan.



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