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KEROZ Lite Version Update schedule Notice

Dear KEROZ Holders.

First, We’d like to thank the KEROZ holders waiting for the lite version.

Team KEROZ is working hard to provide the lite version to the KEROZ holders.

However, we would like to postpone the release of the lite version to the following schedule as it will take some time to resolve stability-related issues during the development process.

  • Previous date: October 20

The lite version will be released on October 27, and the lite version homepage will be pre-opened on October 25, where you can create accounts and set nicknames and wallets in advance.

The following is how to use the website to set up an account.

1. Access the light version homepage (the URL will be announced on October 25)

2. Google Login and Nickname Settings
- Sign in with your Google account.
- After signing in, you can set the nickname below.

3. Wallet Connection
- To play the lite version, connect your wallet with KLEROS LAND NFT.
If you connect to a wallet that does not have a KLEROS LAND NFT, you will be restricted from using the game.
- Wallet supports Metamask and Kaikas Wallet.
- Wallet connection supports 1 Wallet per account. If you want to change your wallet, click [x] to the right of the registered wallet address and connect to a new wallet.

4. KEROZ Launcher Download and Play Game
- If you have signed in, set nicknames, and connected your wallet with NFT, you can install the launcher through the “Play now” button or the Download menu on the day of the release of the lite version on October 27.
- You can download and run the game after installing the launcher.

KEROZ Launcher

We ask your understanding regarding the postponement of the schedule due to technical issues.

Thank you again for your support.




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