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We’re getting the band back together

To form a full-stack product team that specializes in building and launching world-class digital products.

Doing it differently this time around

Not your average agency but a full-stack product team.

  • Design beautiful products for established companies and startups.
  • Generate revenue by launching products ourselves.
  • Invest in startups with time, resources and or funding.
  • Have fun along the way.

Design beautiful products for established companies and startups

We’re positioning ourselves in the sweet spot between agencies and in-house product teams. We notice a growing demand for people who know how to build digital products and avoid common pitfalls. We want to be that team for you. Instead of doing a lot of short freelance projects, we want to build long term relationships with companies that value great product design. Experiment, learn and iterate together. We believe this is a key differentiator in a future where software is becoming more important for the bottom line of your business.

Stack the deck in your favor.
Official iOS app for Schiphol (Amsterdam Airport)

Generate revenue by launching products ourselves

We love to build things ourselves, from electric longboards, art prints to launching whole new companies. Over the years we have worked on ventures like Bundle and In2Event where we’ve honed our entrepreneurial skills. This year we’re looking into launching a new product for the automotive sector and one in the finance sector. (Oh boy!) 🚀

Invest in startups with time, resources and or funding

We’re not a venture capital firm 💸, but sometimes we come across a team or product that we’d love to help with funding, resources and access to our network. Last year we secretly made our first angel investment in Revue, a platform that helps publishers reach their audience in a meaningful way via personal newsletters. The first investment, of hopefully many to come. We’re open to working with companies in exchange for equity. If you have a startup or scale-up and need help taking it to the next level, feel free to say hi! 👋🏻

Have fun along the way

I don’t know where we’ll be 5 years from now, but I do know one thing: as long as it is with this band of wonderful people, we’ll be alright and we’ll have a lot of fun along the way.

Stay in the loop

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