Heaven, Earth & You

Theme Introduction

Mark Raja
Kerygma Teens Club
3 min readFeb 11, 2024


Our life in Christ is the union of heaven and earth. It is like cycling. When we cycle in keeping with the laws of physics we will be able to ride well, or else we fall. God wants us to live by the laws of heaven so that we can live eternally in Christ. The story of the Bible is all about this union.

1. Think: Questions for discussion

Think about the questions below. Note your questions. During the Teens Club, A moderator will facilitate the discussion to help frame our responses.

  1. What do we mean by sin?
  2. What does it mean to do God’s will?
  3. What did God create when he created heaven and earth?
  4. What happened to it when man sinned?
  5. What is the temple of God?
  6. What is a new creation?
  7. How can we become a new creation?
  8. What does it mean to be born again?

2. Imagine: Prompts for workshop

Prompts are to spark your imagination to create a work. Be it a script for a scene, a song, a choreography, a painting, a poem, a story etc. It could be in any art form or a game/ outreach project concept/ business idea that could be executed.

Here are a few prompts for you to explore. How would you do to see heaven and earth unite in your life?

Prompt 1: In your class, you have picked a project on the topic that interests you. You are excited about it. But it does not add much to your overall semester score.

Prompt 2: Your friend and you are hoping to succeed in the upcoming exams so that you both can secure admission at the college you wish to join. However, your friend successfully secured admission but not you.

Prompt 3: Your parents seem to be hard on you about how you are handling certain situations in your life. You are not happy with it. What would you do?

Prompt 4: You are unable to make friends with your peers since you don’t do certain things like them. There is pressure on you to dress like them and talk like them which you feel is vulgar or indecent.

Prompt 5: You and your friend are in your school basketball team. You know that she is a very skilful player. And you both are practising very hard. As this is your final year at school, you both look forward to participating in your last inter-school competitions in a few weeks. But you came to know that your friend was not selected. You are suspicious about some foul play.

Do post links to your workshop output in the comments and follow the conversation below. (Only for those who attended the session in person)

3. Apply: Ways to practice

Participate in applying what you understood as a group and individually. Discipline to study God’s word, not just read, to understand how God is telling us to order our lives. Pray about it.

Share your experiences, doubts, questions, and challenges with others, especially other Teens Club members and parents.

We learn by imitating others; therefore, practising together as a group is essential. Think, ask the right questions, study scripture, imagine, discuss, empathise, and act as a community.

Activity sheet for colouring/doodling.

Bible passage for study

Genesis 1 — Creation narrative
Genesis 3 — The Fall of Man
Genesis 11:1–9 — Babel tower: Man wanted to reach heaven
Genesis 28: 10–18 — Jacob’s heavenly vision
Exodus 40:34–38 — The glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle
1 Kings 8: 1–11 — The glory of the Lord filled the temple
John 1:1–5 — John’s creation language
Matthew 3: 13–17 — Baptism of Jesus
Acts 2:1–13 — The dedication of the new temple
Revelation 21:1–5 — New heavens and new earth



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