God is always with you..!

Once a parayan was organised at Gondal, following Sharad Poornima celebrations. His Holiness Pramukh Swami Maharaj was present on stage. Mahant Swami, Sadhu Keshavjivandas was giving a discourse based on Swamini Vato, during which he recalled a conversation between Yogi bapa and him.

In Hindu culture, there have been religious establishments that gradually lost value soon after their establishers were not at the helm. This mostly happened due to establishments drifting away from their supporting fundamentals. That in-turn led to unwanted elements polluting the organisation.

Mahant Swami was concerned about such a scenario occurring in Swaminarayan sects. “Bapa, even in the two sects that Shriji Maharaj formed, there have been occurrences of saints drifting away from fundamentals, like detachment from possessions and lust. I fear that might happen within our sect as well.”

Yogi bapa said, “It won’t happen, God is always present among us in the guise of a saint and guards us. However, if we breach the code of conduct defined by Shriji Maharaj, then even God won’t guard us against such evil.” Yogi bapa paused, looked at Mahant Swami with affection, and said,

“Swami, you have no reason to worry about yourself.
You are completely detached from possessions and lust.
God is always with you wherever you go.”

The audience at that occasion were fortunate indeed to hear this conversation straight from Mahant Swami, who otherwise always maintains a modest demeanour.