It is unthinkable that these holy feet have descended into this mortal world!

Sometime around 1956 when Mahant Swami, Sadhu Keshavjivandas had not yet been initiated into sainthood, this astonishing incident occurred. The young Vinubhai had arrived with Yogi bapa at Bandhiya village in Saurashtra. At night Yogi bapa slept in a room, because he couldn’t bear the breeze. Other youngsters slept in the courtyard.

Around 3 am Yogi bapa woke up to answer nature’s call. Mohanbapa from Ramod, also woke up to assist Yogi bapa.

“Who is that sleeping in the courtyard?”, Yogi bapa asked.

“Bapa, must be youngsters.”

Yogi bapa walked up close to the sleeping youngster, gently uncovered his face, and started performing prostrations alongside in the open ground. Mohanbapa was shocked to see this! Yogi bapa continued to perform three prostrations. Mohanbapa sprinted and woke up Vinubhai:

“How can you be so silly Vinubhai!”

Vinubhai was embarrassed to know what just happened, but what could he have done to prevent this while he was asleep?

Yogi bapa asked everyone to go back to sleep. Mohanbapa couldn’t rationalise what he had witnessed, so couldn’t sleep. He couldn’t resist asking Yogi bapa while he was performing his morning pooja:

“Bapa, I can understand youngsters performing prostrations in front of you, but why would you perform prostrations in from of them?”

“Mohanbhai, I can understand your confusion. Do you know who was that sleeping?”

“Yes Bapa. He is Vinu, son of Manikaka who stays in Anand.”, said Mohanbhai. That’s all he could identify with his limited perception.

Unless, Yogi bapa would reveal to him.

“Arrey guru… you are deceived by his humble external appearance, so you identify him as Manikaka’s son or a youngster from Anand! As a result of my innumerous prayers to Maharaj in Akshardham, these holy feet have descended into this mortal world. Otherwise, it is unthinkable to find them here! You saw me performing prostrations, but when the time comes you and everyone else will also do the same. Right now, you won’t be able to realise Vinubhai.”

Yogi bapa’s heart would swell with pride speaking about his beloved spiritual successor: Mahant Swami. Mohanbapa was convinced about what he heard. During Sharad Poornima celebrations of 1976–77, he descriptively narrated this incident to around fifty devotees present at an assembly. Not only that, he also recited a kirtan that he wrote in praise of Mahant Swami.

When a devotee of the calibre of Mohanbapa showed tremendous enthusiasm at singing praises of Mahant Swami, others present at the occasion had no difficulty in realising Mahant Swami’s greatness.