Awesome Ways to Raise Money Online For Your Charity!

Raising money for charity is such a rewarding experience, but it can be challenging even at the best of times. Everyone needs a bit of inspiration to uncover new and wacky ways to raise money for a good cause.

Gone are the days of traditional avenues to raise money, like selling raffle tickets and setting up food stalls. You can do it online. Now, that doesn’t mean that it is going to be easy sailing from here — it takes dedication and innovation to raise funds and it all starts with a great fundraising idea.

It’s time to discover your hidden talents, brush off your dusty creative hat, and get going with some ingenious fundraising ideas to raise money online. So how can you get started?

1. Online Fundraising Websites

Want to empower people to fundraise for your organization hassle-free? Send people to online charity fundraising sites and encourage people to fundraise in their own time.

A tried and tested way to fundraise online is through online fundraising websites like Ketto. People can fundraise for a charitable cause or for a specific charity just by creating a profile and the amount they want to raise.

a. The great part about these online websites is that it boosts visibility so anyone can see a request and donate.

b. People can write a profile outlining what their cause is, what they are planning to do with the money, and how they will raise it. People can put a little bio about themselves to let people know about the real them.

d. Use your charity’s social media accounts to promote your online fundraisers and thank them for all their hard work.

2. Interactive Video Fundraising

Thanks to the power of social media fundraising, there has been an influx of viral videos and charity content. Remember the ALS ice bucket challenge? Once someone was nominated to the challenge, they donated to the ALS charity. This was an innovative way to raise money online while raising awareness around the illness, and even the current incumbent of the White House did it!

a. Come up with your own videochallenge that focuses on raising awareness.
b. People love sharing video content online — add some humor and the chances of it going viral will increase tremendously.

3. Email Fundraising

Email is another great way to reach a large group of people quickly and easily. If you know a group of your donors who are internet savvy, email may be the best way to reach them.

Take the time to map out the who, what, where, when, and why of your email marketing strategy and you can use email to help your organization:

Here are some examples of how you can use these all-important 5 W’s in your email marketing plan:

Who should I email? First time donors

What should I email? An educational infographic that reminds them how important their donation has been to solving a problem in your cause sector.

Where should I send my readers ? Send email recipients to a blog post or a video that elaborates on the information in the infographic.

When should I sent email? Within a week of their donation.

Why should I send email ? Demonstrate a donors’ value to your mission and motivate them to reengage with your organization.

4. Online auctions

Charity auctions have been a popular event fundraising choice for years, but organizations have given them a modern twist by hosting them online.

And for good reason! Online auctions are a powerful event fundraiser and online fundraising strategy rolled into one.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of hosting one:

a. They’re incentivizing. With auctions, donors are exchanging their donations for an amazing item or experience. Since there’s the possibility of walking home with something, auctions can incentivize more giving than other types of fundraising events.

b. They’re cost-effective. Live and silent auctions can be more costly and involved to plan. Hosting an auction online cuts many of the costs associated with a live event, such as the venue, entertainment, catering, etc.

c. Supporters everywhere can participate. Since you’re not hosting an in-person event, supporters near and far can participate in an online auction. You’ll be able to open up your event to a much wider portion of your donor base, and thus, increase your fundraising potential.

5. Selling merchandise

Nonprofits were once only able to sell merchandise to their supporters at fundraising events or during other rare in-person occasions.

Now, with the rise of online fundraising technology, organizations can set up shop and sell products right from their website (or email or social media pages) at any time!

In fact, many schools sell products to raise money. Branded items — like water bottles and t-shirts — make great keepsakes for students and teachers. Plus, students can contribute to their school and be rewarded for their support.

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