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It’s all about a State of Mind

Discipline- One who uses reason to determine the best course of action regardless of one’s desires.

What makes us — us? I have asked this question, for as long as I can remember. Certain things have always come as second nature for me, the military is one of those things. The last three Reardons before me, have in some form or fashion, served in the military. With this, they have brought a certain saying into the family culture “strive to be the best you can be.” Robert E. Lee said it best, “Do your duty in all things. You can never do more. You should never wish to do less.” With this mind set, I have been able to control situations in my life. I have found out, through this project that these characteristics have come from a simple word ingrained into my ancestor’s lives. Discipline.

I will try to continue this legacy of discipline. As a start my career in the United States Air Force, discipline will be a key characteristic for my leadership. As an officer, I will need to be disciplined. I first learned the art of discipline through my father. Everything I did, was judge, rated, and evaluated. My father did not accept failure and told me to strive for the best. This mindset may seem harsh, but because of his approach I wanted to be the best to make him proud. I learned that if I was more disciplined than the rest of my peers I would succeed where they would fail. Laziness was not allowed. That is where I would be the best. My voracious appetite, even when the road got tough, carried me to the University of Georgia. Discipline has helped me with my Air Force career. As a leader, you can’t lead by running around with your head cut off you must be cool, calm, and collective. This comes with discipline. A person who has discipline can control any situation. That’s why I strive to push myself to the limit to see how I react to different pressures. That way when I am put into a high stress environment I will thrive.

Learning how you fit into your family’s history is an exciting journey. Finding the basic elements that make you who you are is an important thing to find out. Your environment and family are huge influences in your life. The ability to go back into their past, helps you find out how there characters have transferred to you. For me, I have seen the flow of discipline down the ancestry roots. Discipline has been the virtual cornerstone of the Reardons for centuries. Since my Great Grandfather served in the Army during WWI the Reardons have kept his standard of excellence. My Grandfather followed suit by joining the Army Air Corps during WWII and than later the Army Tank Battalion. He displayed his dedication and discipline and by the end of his career in the Army he retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.

Lastly, my family’s military backing has helped me in every realm of my life. I have been molded into a well-groomed person ready to take on the world and all the surprises that come with it. I look forward to a life a motion. The volatile aspect of the military is what drives me to be a part of it. I want to be in the action, making the decisions. All of these characteristics have been passed down through the linage of the Reardons. All cumulating into me Reardon 4.0.

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