Day 3 — Makers Academy

stand ups, struggles, and being a better pair

Every morning in Makers starts with a stand up with your byte. (Our cohort (group) is made up of 30 people which is then split into 3 bytes of 10 people.)

In this we stand in a circle and go around the room and everyone talks for about a minute about what went well the day before and what went not so well. We keep track of these on whiteboard.

I was really impressed with how open everyone was at our first stand up about the challenges they faced. It was such a relief to see everyone struggling with the same things I had. Pairing is super hard. Learning TDD is super hard. But when you’re in the middle of it its easy to forget that. Talking about it being hard with others and our coach was super helpful.

In today’s session someone asked for advise on being a better pair. Our coach’s answer was ‘well how do you be a better person?’ Now I know he meant this as being its an incredibly complex thing and about being a better communicator and empathiser and all these things. But as I like to have knee-jerk answers to everything (in my head at least) my immediate response to myself was ‘be kinder’, that is how to be a better person. So that is my goal for tomorrow. I’m going to be aim to be a kinder pair.

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