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Getting started with Vim

that logo huh, its just class

If you are afraid of mockery or appearing hipsterish or just generally having people react with bafflement then best not use Vim.

If however you like keeping your fingers on keyboard as much as possible and are willing to suffer short-term pain for long-term gain then Vim may just be for you!

Vim is a text editor within your terminal. You may have seen it pop up when doing long git commit messages or reading some documentation. People can get quite angry about it but give it some time and it can be your friend. Since starting in Makers Academy I’ve been using Vim to write all my code and really enjoying it.

Here are two resources to get you started!


in Terminal type


Read it all!

Do all of the lessons slowly and properly. Vim is very cool but can take some getting used to.

Vim Adventures

Once you’ve done that a few times go and play vim adventures. Its a fun zelda-ish game where you learn the commands slowly but surely by navigating your way around the screen. The free levels will get you used to the basics.

Vim Adventures

Just getting used to moving around with hjkl is a huge part of it.

Finally just start using it. If the lack of mouse is scaring you there’s a quick fix.

While in Vim normal mode type

:set mouse=a

Now you can use Vim and use your mouse!

I’ll talk through some of my favourite plugins tomorrow!

This is part of my daily blog series while I attend Makers Academy coding bootcamp. If you’d like to read more you can find them here.

Makers Academy Week6 Day6

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