Makers Academy — 21 days in

Makers Academy Week3 Day 7

So 3 weeks in to the course. 25% done. In a way it feels like the time has shot by, another it seems insane that I’ve only known these people for 3 weeks. I’ve received so much support and kindness and empathy in past 3 weeks from such a large group of people. So far so best career/learning decision of my life.

I’ve learned and utilized:

  • Single Responsibility Principle
  • Encapsulation.
  • Writing readable code
  • TDD
  • London method of unit testing (doubles, mocks, stubs)
  • Read and use error messages
  • Writing good class, method, and variable names.
  • Rspec unit tests
  • Rspec feature tests using Capybara.
  • Dependency Injection.
  • Who Sandi Metz and Dave Thomas are (legends both of them)
  • Sinatra Framework
  • Capybara fun.
  • Basic basic basics of HTML.
  • Writing good READMEs.
  • Skinny Controllers, Fat Models and Dumb Views.
  • HTTP
  • Get/Post/Redirect cycle
  • Server Client relationship (stateless)
  • Coveralls report
  • Gemfiles
  • Travis-CI

Here’s how I’ve been spending my time

  • I’ve spent most weekdays from 0830–1900/2000 in Makers HQ.
  • I’ve spent most weekends doing 7–9 hours a day coding in British Library/cafe/home.
  • I’ve spent an average of 75% of nights dreaming about code.
  • I’ve paired with 14 lovely people. Thanks to Pete, Han, Anne, Harsheet, Shane, Joj, Paul, Simon, Phoebe, Juanyan, Tobenna, Nick, Patrick and Oliver.
  • Had 14 stand-ups with our wonderful coachineers.
  • I’ve completed 3 weekend challenges all on my ownsome.
  • Done 3 code reviews where I’ve learned an absolute ton.
  • I’ve gotten thousands of error messages and a few green passed tests along the way.
  • I’ve written 21 blog posts including this one!
  • Done yoga 5 times.
  • Meditated 14 times.
  • Played a lot of ping pong.
  • Made a lot of friends.
  • Had so much craic.
  • Struggled and felt stupid a lot.
  • Had moments of intense triumph on an almost daily basis.
  • Woke up every morning without an alarm excited about the day ahead.

Thanks to Makers and everyone there for such a brilliant first 3 weeks.

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