Our Facebook Reach went down by 75% in last 2 years

Only 6 per cent of our 30k+ fans see our posts. Is it still worth to manage facebook page?

You probably heard that Facebook is constantly limiting the reach of company pages posts. Partially it is due to the increasing number of pages, partially because they want to sell Sponsored ads.

Inspired by findings of Thomas Baekdal, I looked at our Facebook Insights numbers using the similar methodology (approx. 35 thousand fans, using organic posts only). It was not easy to get data from Facebook , Thomas spent couple of days to code the scripts for it.

I used the reporting tool KPIwatchdog.com (free plan). With its Facebook Connector I was able to download and analyse the daily data from last 2 years in few seconds.

Here are my findings:

A. Facebook posts now reach only 1/4 of our fan base compared to 2 years ago (and 1/2 compared to previous year).

Calculated as quarterly average percentage ratio of organic Post Reach metric vs. Total number of fans.

average quarterly post reach/fans went down from 21% to 6% in 2 years

B. Two biggest declines were in second half of 2012 and end of 2013

In mid 2012, Facebook introduced new infamous algorithm of showing the posts, our Reach dropped from 25% to to approx. 12%. First half of 2013 was relatively flat but we experienced another huge drop at the end of 2013.

Monthly aggregated Post Reach (averaged absolute numbers). Significant difference which get even worse if we divide it by the number of fans

C. The website visits coming from Facebook remain flat (despite the 3X bigger fan base)

Blue metric is the number of fans, brown is the Visits coming from Facebook (measured via Google Analytics)

How to check data from your Facebook:

Create the free account at kpiwatchdog.com, connect insights from your Facebook page as a new Data Source and add new metric Facebook Fans.

Post reach is less popular metric but you can find it in the extended settings (+new KPI)

You are almost done, now you compare both metrics (Other Metrics), change the aggregation (quarter, average, date range)

As a result, you see two consolidated metrics. Simply divide them (reach/posts) and you will get the percentage reach.

P.S. If you want to compare Reach with Google Analytics data as shown in c), simply add Google Analytics as another source to KPIwatchdog and add filter: ga:socialNetwork==Facebook in metric settings.

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