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Keycloak Express Openid-client

Keycloak is deprecating their client adapters (keycloak-connect) for Node and recommending openid-client as a replacement.

Setup Keycloak

First I download keycloak extract it and you can run it with the following command.

bin/ start-dev

You can then login http://localhost:8080, first time you do keycloak asks you to set an admin user and password.

Create a Realm and give it an name and create it. I am using keycloak-express for my realm name

The create a Client using openid-connect in the Realm

Set the Valid Redirect URIs and select save.

NOTE:you can specify specific routes here but I am using a wild card(not recommend best practice)

Create a user its documented here so I won’t go into it.

That’s it for Keycloak setup

Setup Openid-client with Passport in Express

We are going to use this openid-client and passport to connect to keycloak. I install the following

npm install passport
npm install openid-client
npm install express-session
npm install express

From the Realm we need the openid-configuration can be got from an endpoint


So in my case the realm name is keycloak-express so the url will be http://localhost:8080/realms/keycloak-express/.well-known/openid-configuration the output is as follows

All we need is this issuer:"http://localhost:8080/realms/keycloak-express" url to connect openid-client to keycloak as follows

I then setup express sessions

Then setup passport to use open connect id strategy

Most of above is copied from the passport docs, I found this blog helpful in explaining serialize/deserialize.

Next I setup the authentication route this makes use of the the callback redirect_uris: from the keycloakIssuer.Client

I then setup a function to check if a route is authenticated

This can then be used on protected routes

Finally I set the logout route up this also uses a callback post_logout_redirect_uris from the keycloakIssuer.Client

And set the app to listen

Repo here with some extra code around views. Looks like this




Open Source Identity Solution for Applications, Services and APIs

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