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Setting up Keycloak using Github Identity provider in Express

First what is meant by by Identity provider? it’s allowing a third party to handle your authentication to your application like Facebook, Github or Linkedin see Keycloaks supported list below in image.

In this example I will use Github. I have a previous blog detailing how to setup an Express app with Keycloak. This basically covers setting up a keycloak realm , client, user, and adding the keycloak.json to your express app and using the keycloak-connect module.

Once you have your app setup with Keycloak you can add an identity provider.

  • In Keycloak select Identity Providers
  • Click on the Add provider drop down and select Github
  • In the Add identity provider page copy the Redirect URI
  • In Github go to Settings
  • In Setting go to Developer Settings
  • In Developer Settings select OAuth Apps
  • Click the New OAuth App button
  • In the Register a new OAuth application
  • Add a Application Name
  • Add a Homepage URL (in this case I am running locally)
  • Add Authorization callback URL (we copied this earlier from Keycloak i.e. Redirect URI)
  • Then click the Register application button
  • In the follow on page you can get the Client ID and Generate a new Client secret with the button
  • Copy the Client ID and Client secret
  • Back in Keycloak Add identity provider page add the Client ID and Client secret and click the save button
  • As you can see when a protected route is clicked we get redirected to Keycloak and have an option for github
  • One final refinement we don’t want show our users two different ways to login, so we change the Keycloak object from
var keycloak = new Keycloak({ store: memoryStore });
  • Add an idp hint to the Keycloak object as follows
var keycloak = new Keycloak({ store: memoryStore, idpHint: ‘github’ });
  • And our login flow looks like this

NOTE: As I am logged into Github and have an active session I am not redirected to the Github login I just have to authorize.

Open Source Identity Solution for Applications, Services and APIs

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