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KEY Airdrop Announcement

18,888,000 KEY tokens available to the first 1000 claims. Available to anyone with SelfKey Credentials!

SelfKey Credentials enable you to earn KEYFI rewards for KEY Token Staking and Liquidity Mining. You only need to go through a simple identity verification process to get your Credentials. Once verified you can use the same ETH address to connect to the KeyFi platform and earn KEYFI rewards.

Users can verify their identity and receive a DeFi Eligibility Credential either using the SelfKey Wallet or by using the KeyFi web form.

Here is a detailed guide on getting your credentials with a SelfKey Wallet

We also have a guide that goes into detail about the workings of KeyFi and also guides you through getting your Credentials using the KeyFi verification portal.

Remember only the first 1000 users with Credentials will receive the airdrop so get yours now!



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