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$KEYFI Lists on QuickSwap

After news of our Polygon grant and integration, token launch and staking, and cross-chain bridge, we are proud to announce our most recent development.

In our pursuit of interoperability, we identified Polygon as one of our favorite chains after our initial Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain launches.

Meet our new partner, QuickSwap on Polygon Network.

Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce that $KEYFI is now trading on QuickSwap, the leading decentralized exchange (DEX) on Polygon! 🎉🥳

You can now swap $KEYFI with near-zero gas costs and fast transaction time, as well as participate in a new rewards program! Our ultimate goal is to grow the $KEYFI holder base on the Polygon Network.

KeyFi enters the dragon’s lair

What’s New?

1. Official Token Listing

Find $KEYFI on the Swap page

$KEYFI token is now listed on QuickSwap decentralized exchange (DEX). Liquidity has been injected and you are welcome to swap now.


KEYFI-QUICK liquidity pool and farm for staking LP tokens.

A farm has been set up for users to provide liquidity and stake KEYFI-QUICK LP tokens. You’ll earn $dQUICK.

Benefits to KeyFi are two-fold:

  • Incentivize liquidity for $KEYFI
  • Encourage staking/holding $KEYFI on Polygon Network

3. More coming soon

We’re not done yet. KeyFi and QuickSwap will be revealing an additional reward opportunity in the coming weeks.

In addition, we’ll be integrating QuickSwap directly into KeyFi app in the near future.

About QuickSwap

Polygon Network emerged in 2021 as a leader among Ethereum scaling solutions, allowing a large numbers of transactions to be settled quickly and cheaply, all while providing Ethereum compatibility to developers. Polygon aims to transform Ethereum into a multi-chain ecosystem with secured Layer 2 and standalone chains.

$QUICK is the native governance token of QuickSwap, a permissionless decentralized exchange (DEX) powered by Polygon.

By utilizing Layer 2 for transactions, QuickSwap users will be able to trade any ERC20 asset at lightning-fast speeds with near-zero gas costs. The protocol is governed by QUICK token holders, who create proposals for and vote on running the protocol.

About KeyFi

Built from the ground up, KeyFi is a DeFi aggregator offering intelligent tools for managing your DeFi portfolio. We seek to solve user challenges such as juggling multiple wallets/platforms/chains, manually comparing interest rates, and the lack of historical data. This is all in service of KeyFi’s ultimate goal: to become a premier dApp for sophisticated users who want fine grain control over their assets.

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