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KEYFI Staking Now Live on BSC!

Following our Binance Smart Chain (BSC) launch, the KEYFI v2 rewards contract is now live. This means you can start earning KEYFI rewards by direct KEYFI staking, as well as KEYFI:BUSD liquidity mining. Further, no credentials are required to stake KEYFI on Ethereum or BSC.

Updated staking options are as follows:

  1. KEYFI Staking
  2. BUSD Staking
  4. WBNB Staking

KEYFI Staking

Direct KEYFI staking will yield KEYFI rewards, in addition to opening up access to upcoming KeyFi Pro features.

On Binance Smart Chain

KEYFI direct staking on the BSC network is now available. As you may recall per governance vote, 1m KEYFI tokens were seeded into the BSC rewards contract to reward both direct KEYFI staking and KEYFI:BUSD liquidity mining.


KEYFI:BUSD liquidity mining on the BSC network is now available. You can add BUSD paired with KEYFI tokens and instantly start staking on the PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool and earning rewards.

Ethereum v2 staking coming soon!



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