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KEYFI Token & Staking Live on Polygon

Token and staking is live.

Our journey into the Polygon ecosystem continues. $KEYFI (Polygon) token and staking is now live!

Stake your $KEYFI (Polygon)

We’ve created a new $KEYFI rewards pool on Polygon, so you can now stake your $KEYFI (Polygon) on KeyFi app. Click here or go to KeyFi app > Earn page as usual.

What is the APR or APY (%)? Learn more here.

Coming Soon

Polygon (cross-chain) bridge is almost ready, via AnySwap. You’ll be able to bridge your $KEYFI (Polygon) to ETH or BSC.

We plan on launching more rewards and incentive programs on Polygon in the near future, possibly in partnership with the Polygon ecosystem.

KeyFi app’s Swap and Borrow functions on Polygon are also in development.


Can I move my $KEYFI Polygon tokens to ETH or BSC?

The AnySwap cross-chain bridge between Polygon, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain will be live soon. At the moment, you can stake your $KEYFI Polygon tokens on KeyFi app.

Can I bridge my $KEYFI ETH or BSC tokens to Polygon and stake?

Same as above.

What is the APY/APR/% of the rewards pool?

We do not publish the % because we are not a yield farm. The rewards are variable and finite, designed to incentivize early adopters of the project. Please this article for more details.

How do I decide between the ETH, BSC, and Polygon rewards pools?

There are several factors:

  1. Emission Rate — All three chains’ $KEYFI rewards pools have similar emission rates.
  2. Rewards Quantity — Each pool has a different rewards balance.
  3. Participants — The more participants there are, the less share of the pool you own.

Because these factors are constantly changing, we recommend you simply decide which pool to participate in based on your preferred chain(s).

About KeyFi

Built from the ground up, KeyFi is a DeFi aggregator offering intelligent tools for managing your DeFi portfolio. We seek to solve user challenges such as juggling multiple wallets/platforms/chains, manually comparing interest rates, and the lack of historical data. This is all in service of KeyFi’s ultimate goal: to become a premier dApp for sophisticated users who want fine grain control over their assets.

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