Building the Dream Team

“The fit between personalities was much more important than just finding people were very good.” — Twitter CEO

A business is only as good as the people who work for it. It’s the people that drive business results and execute strategies. A high-performing team can take the business to new heights. Here are some tips when you are working on your next hire:

Culture fit and Value Alignment First

Skills can always be trained but not attitude. Having the right attitude and culture fit along with value alignment is the key. What kind of values does the candidate have? Things such as awards and volunteer show leadership.

Embrace Diversity

Diversity is a known factor in innovation and bringing new ideas forward. When you are building your team bring on members who have different skill sets than you do. More hands won’t do it. You need diverse skills and ability that add value to the team!

Complimentary Characters

A mix of personality in a team is a great thing to have! Two strong leaders can crash the ship but a complimentary personality can steer the ship in the right direction.

EQ is a Critical Element

Everyone you hire for your team is an extension of you. Having high EQ is greatly needed especially in startups. Team members that are self-aware with high-level communication skills are much needed.

Use the framework EKS = Experience, Knowledge and Skills

How is someone’s EKS? This is a good way to find out about candidate’s skill sets. What kind of experience do they have? Additionally, how does it apply to your company.

Grasp of Strategy

Successful hires get what the company does. These kinds of candidates get the strategy behind your business and can find new ways to solve problems. They can articulate why one approach will work better than others.

Organizations need not more hands but different hands and better hands. A dream team is diverse and complimentary. Low-performing teams are homogenous and usually have one superstar!

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