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Reasons Movie Deep Search became a hit on Product Hunt

Mycelebs recently launched a product on Product Hunt by the name “Movie Deep Search by AI Keytalk” and as of March 2023, it was the Best Rated Product of February.

Searching Deep to get the Insights you want

Deep Search go beyond simple categorization to make search and recommendations results suitable to your personal tastes. By filtering through themes, occasions, plots, characters, lighting, sound, and even emotional responses — Deep Search ensures searching for movies can be done the way you want it.

It fixes the prevailing problem of repetitive movies with unoriginal stories in the movie industry— which can be seen as the result of popularity bias. By allowing viewers to find what they truly want and take control of their power as a consumer, we can create a world where all genres and themes are respected, resulting in a more plentiful and lively industry where talent becomes the key to true success.

We still have many more updates waiting to happen, (including the latest launch of our Maimovie on PH) but I wanted to take some time and recap the whole process.

What is Product Hunt?

Product Hunt is a web platform designed to showcase and discover new products, tools, and services. It was a chance for the team to share our product, but also discuss our technology with other enthusiasts and users in the community.

Product Hunt has a positive community atmosphere that allows its users to upvote, discuss, and share new ideas. Which is why we selected it to launch our new product — in order to get as much feedback as possible.

The Importance of Our Launch

Mycelebs has a pretty long experience with data science and AI. Even before the launch of ChatGPT and the great AI boom, we worked with the goal of making AI and social data easy and accessible for all people. With this launching of Deep Search on Product Hunt, we aimed to do the following:

  1. Increased Visibility
    One of the main goals of this launch was to gain the attention of a wider audience. We wanted our AI technology to be visible to curious, potential users so that we can get as much feedback and reviews as possible.
  2. Credibility
    The second reason to launch our product on Product Hunt was to create a sense of credibility. As a company that specializes in building AI services, we wanted to demonstrate the things that our technology can do. We wanted to show people that our AI was safe, useful, and innovative.
  3. Momentum
    Another was momentum. For a long time, AI was always a sector that gained interest — but with the introduction of so many popular generative AI models, this year just hit different. We wanted to show people that AI could be used in more practical places. With the market more open to embracing artificial intelligence, we used that momentum to bring into light to Deep Search.
  4. Differentiation
    As mentioned above, we wanted to use the momentum of GPT models to introduce our products and technology. But on the other hand, we also wanted to show people that we are different. One of the things that make recommendation AI different from generative models is that they are based on real, open-source data.
    This means unlike Chat GPT, our AI gives relevant, useful, and actual fact-based answers to specific, personal problems like “what is a romantic, tear-jerking movie I can watch with my boyfriend?”
  5. Revolutionize
    Last but definitely not least, we wanted to revolutionize the way people search for and get personalized suggestions. Mycelebs believes that AI should be interesting, fun, and applicable to everyday life. Deep Search answers the questions that we want to know most — and instead of using prior methods of skimming through countless reviews, you can get the most important points of any movie with a simple search query.
Ryan Hoover upvoted our product!

Dos and Don’ts of Product Hunt Launch

With our chosen medium and goals, we continued to create assets of the launch in preparation for launch day. Within a few hours of our update, the founder of Product Hunt Ryan Hoover himself upvoted our product. These are some of the tips that worked (or didn’t work) in our favor of our launch.

DO: Leverage social media and personal networks

In order for us to make it onto the top ranks, we needed to find as much support as we can. Thanks to our makers at the office, we were able to earn a minimum of 50 votes (counting our spouses, family, and friends.) We also reached out to our followers on diverse channels, asking them for their support.

DON’T: Send links on all channels at once to create “Mass upvotes”

What we did not know was that in order for their votes to count on Product Hunt, they need to be active in the community before the launch. Also, the supporters and groups should be sent links over a long period of time so that the Product Hunt algorithm doesn’t count it as “mass upvotes.”

Little did we know that this could be the one thing that made our product’s upvotes a bit less effective than it actually should. Find followers beforehand and let your supporters know about the launch over a prolonged period of time.

DO: Engaging with the PH community

Engaging with the community was not only for the sake of our product, to be honest. After a while, I became interested in all the different ideas and makers on the website — which easily led me back onto the platform day after day.

Now, I’ve started a series of articles that have short 2-minute reviews of products that I find on the website. By trying out new products and engaging in the community, we learn more about how others think, what they need, what they want — and more importantly what we can give them.

Here are a few of the reviews I wrote on Medium:
1. Image Upscaler
2. Page Genie
3. Kraftful

And here are some community discussions made by our team:
1. What is the best feature of your product?
2. Tips for launching on a time crunch
3. AMA for Maimovie

DON’T: Ghost your supporters after your launch

One of the main things in the Product Hunt community is that they are not shy to give you feedback, ask questions, and share the news. However, its important to reciprocate the help that you got during your launch no matter how busy. Our team had lots of help from different maker groups on the platform, which we returned the favor after a while when they launched on Product Hunt themselves. With a fresh set of eyes and a different point of view, it’s always better to keep communicating with different user groups to see what they have to say.

DO: Use Comprehensive Strategies

Our team also used other sources like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Medium to share the news with our followers and fans, and also tweaked the marketing messages to align with our launch: making it more simple and easy for the audience to understand. Each platform has its own style and manner. In this case we used short videos on Twitter, and more insightful, in-depth blog posts on LinkedIn.

DON’T: Spam or Force People to Engage

Having upvotes are great. But just as it says on Product Hunt, support is even better. If some of your connections are busy, unresponsive, or just not interested — it is best to leave them be. The engagement you get from active, curious followers will be much more helpful and constructive than just numbers on a screen.

So Overall…

With Deep Search, we were able to introduce our AI technology to the public, giving them a glimpse of how artificial intelligence can be used to create a better and more efficient way to solve day-to-day problems like channel surfing. The Product Hunt community was extremely warm and friendly, and our process leading up to the launch was nothing less than pure excitement.

As we see it, recommendation AI will become one of the best, most pervasive forms of Artificial Intelligence. The best part? If reflects the way we think as both individuals and as collective groups. It relocates the power of of our ideas and knowledge so that it better aids our decision-making, both on a consumer level and a business level.

If our technology was interesting, you can contact us at 📫 for more information, or visit our website here.



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