Kharagpur Winter of Code 2016 Statistics

Himanshu Mishra
Kharagpur Open Source Society
3 min readJan 26, 2017


A picture from the KOSS Introductory Seminar

Kharagpur Winter of Code exceeded our expectations on so many levels. Organizing an event in campus needs a lot of work starting from publicity to the execution. And if the event is this long and takes place online during vacations, Oh boy, that surely was challenging ! With the end-semester examinations in November, we really had very few resources to start with. And I remember us discussing to get the attention of a 100 students as a successful start.

Well there was a hidden advantage. Examinations do force us to stick with laptops having several documents open for long. And once in awhile, we use Facebook for a little study break. So there ! We started with teasers on facebook.

Teaser 1

. . .

“Hey Bambi, what was up with Simba this morning?”

“Don’t know mate, he said to wait 3 more days”

“Ah! Okay then. Fingers crossed”

Link #kwoc

Teaser 2

“Patrick, Rufus! Come outside, the sun is up !”

“Yeah I know. Simba told me the weather forecast”

“Why was he looking at the forecast?”

“It had something to do with December”

Link #kwoc

Teaser 3

“Hey Rico, it’s coming, it’s coming!”

“What is?”

“Winter. And a new Penguin.”

Link #kwoc

After all the teasing, we finally released the website and the poster on November 20, 2016.

We had to switch to paid dynos on Heroku as we exhausted all the free dyno hours on Day 1 ! There was a massive peak in our Google Analytics report. We had got over 150 registrations within 2 hours. Initially we had planned to keep the registrations open till the end of the program. But within couple days, as we hit 500 student registrations, it was not possible to maintain. As the program started on December 1, we closed the registrations with a total of 914 students.

On the projects side, we had a total of 54 Projects registered for KWoC. We had restricted the projects to GitHub-only which helped us to keep track of the student activity during KWoC.

On January 6, the program officially ended with over 40 students successfully making at least a single contribution. While majority of the student participants were from IIT Kharagpur, we were spread across 18 campuses (with successful participation). Here is a break-up of the number of students completed from different colleges.

Let’s visualize the participation of students on the map.

Heat Map of student participation

The redness is not surprising at all !

Collectively, the projects participating in KWoC had 4692 stars and 1522 forks as of their submission date. Thanks to all the mentors for making this possible.

That is all for now. We’ll be back with more insight on the technologies we used for making this possible. Cheers!