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Tips To Close Sales Deals Over The Phone

It is believed that sales deals are easier to close when they are done in person and for a long time this was the traditional method of doing it. Despite the invention and use of mobile phones, many people still rely on face-to-face interaction to close deals. But with Covid 19 pandemic still raging, social distancing laws and work from home has driven nearly everyone to operate with the help of a phone. Telemarketers already use this medium, but the number of cold callers has gone up significantly since 2020. But a mere increase in number doesn’t mean that deals are also being closed that that speed. So here are a few tips that will help you close sales deals faster on the phone.

1) Good etiquette: Be polite and courteous even if the caller is rude. No matter how the call goes always be mindful of your tone. Wish them at the start and end of the call. While this will not close the deal on its own, your etiquette leave a mark as you are representing your organisation and your brand.

2) Know your product & Audience: Know your product/service well, avoid fumbling through your conversation and do not mislead your customer. Once you start pitching try to understand your audience and figure out if they fit your customer profile. Understand their needs and pain areas and use this to deliver your pitch. Think like the customer and ask yourself does this product help me? Look at your brand and your pitch from the customer’s perspective and if you find your pitching inadequate then consider changing it. So be armed with all the information as every detail matters.

3) The right pitch: Instead of blindly pitching, determine what aspect of the product/ service will appeal to the customer. Ask the right questions and understand what they need so you can modify your pitch to suit their demands and position your brand as the right solution.
Don’t beat around the bush, be direct. Building up to the great reveals won’t work, tell them what you have and how it can benefit them. People have very little time and patience for those who dither.

4) Use technology: Technology is the perfect ally when you are trying to close deals. Many apps help you make data-based pitches. For eg: Biz Analyst a tally on the mobile app helps its sales team sell more by giving them access to inventory, customer’s purchase record, etc.

5) Create urgency: Make your offer sound like it is going out of stock. Create a sense of urgency that makes customers feel like if they don’t buy it now, they will be missing out on something valuable. For e.g telling them that this could be their last chance or this offer won’t return puts things in a different perspective for them.

6) Follow up: If there is a second call scheduled ensure that you follow it through. Call your customer, conduct the meeting and be prompt. If you are asked to call at a later time make sure that you do follow up because ‘call me later’ is not a ‘no’.

7) Learn to accept rejection: Always bow out gracefully when you realise that the customer is not interested no matter how well you pitch. Trying to pester them into buying or even extending the call won’t endear you or your brand to them. Learn to handle and accept rejects well.

These tips will help you close deals over the phone faster and leave a better impression of you and your brand. It is important to remember that just because they seem uninterested doesn’t mean that battle is lost at ‘hello.’ It just means that you will have a good challenge and must use all your sales. tactics well to benefit your brand.



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