Oh Frank Ocean Is free to be himself, and that’s a good thing for all of us.

After releasing two amazing albums last year everything frank does right now is like icing. He earned himself some down time; he could lay low right now (or go on tour😍) and no one could complain. Instead he seems to be working as hard as ever.

Just a few weeks ago Ocean released a collaborative track with Calvin Harris “SLIDE”. It wasn’t your typical Frank Ocean song but it came out of nowhere and was a welcome surprise. It was a borderline generic pop song done better than nearly any other pop star could have done. Now with “Chanel” we get a solo track that fits in perfect with the style we’ve come to understand as Frank Ocean.

“Chanel” has the muddy arrangement and vibe of last years visual album Endless. The piano and drum beat build a minimal but moody beat while Franks back and forth vocals with himself blur the lines between rapping and singing. Unlike Endless the mix isn’t hiding in the distance. Like Blonde (he’s second release of 2016),the vocals are close and warm.

The presence of both albums styles gives you the feeling that Ocean feels free to do what ever he wants. He is no longer a signed artists dealing with the pressures and demands of a label. He is now on his own label (Boys Don’t Cry). With just two songs out this year so far, you can already feel the sense of freedom in him. The idea that an artist like Frank Ocean is now free and able to do what ever he wants is a very exciting thing.

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