I got Tape Waves “So Fast” stuck on repeat and you should too.

It’s hard to pull off the dreamy “PCH drive” style of chilled-out-beach-rock that bands like Real Estate and Beach Fossils have seemed to master. There’s a trick to layering out a background that wraps you up in fuzzy warm instrumentation while throwing a sunny guitar line and glowing vocals over the top. It’s a combo that somehow begs for nostalgia and hope for the future. “So Fast” is just that, it’s the perfect song to walk alone in the rain to or drive with the rag-top down, cruising towards the biggest bonfire on the sand with everyone you want to be around crammed into your whip. Considering this is the opening track on Tape Waves new album Here to Fade there’s a lot of lucid and all encompassing jams to look forward too. So press play and dive in.

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